Saturday, April 25, 2009


Buakaw Por Pramuk is the greatest stand up fighter the world has ever seen. He is so awesome that the greatest kickboxing promotion in the world K-1 Max (not K1, that is a freak show) changes its rules every year to try and give someone else a chance to win it. Buakaw was killing people in the clinch, so they removed the plumb clinch and only allowed one knee per clinch. Buakaw was so good with his elbows that they simply baned them.

In his latest fight Buakaw takes on the relatively unknown Andre Dida. Dida manages to do the seemingly impossible and land a wicked left hook that knocks Buakaw down... The rest is Buakaw handing out an ass kicking that you would not want on your worst enemy... let's watch!!

Intros and first round.

The ass raping begins...

Last round

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