Monday, May 11, 2009

An Armed Society...

I got "busted" on Friday... A friend who reads this blog did not allow me (at first) to enter the business he is a manager of because I may have had my gun with me. But did I have it on me?

He had no evidence other than I had my murse with me. He asked if I was armed, assumed I did, then said that I could not come in. I did not come in. Instead I talked to him from the door until he allowed me entry.

Did I have it on me? Was I playing along? The world may never know. The silly fact is that when someone is carrying a concealed weapon, you don't know if they are carrying a weapon... It is concealed. That is the beauty of concealed carry. Everybody may be armed, or nobody may be armed. You just don't know.

The guy in the grocery story who just took the last jar of mayonnaise, get in his face and threaten him? Might have a piece on him, better just ask the clerk if they have any more in the back.
Somebody just door dinged me, get out my tire iron and smash his window? Might have a heater, I think I will just get his insurance information.
I think I will carjack that guy in the kick ass Volvo, wait a second, he might have a gun, I think I will just take the bus today.

This is not only what we can speculate about, this is what the facts uphold is true after a state institutes a concealed carry law.

Oh... and I was carrying in my murse... I was also carrying the last time that I was at his business. Don't assume that just because I don't have the murse on me that my .45 isn't far away. Better to assume that everyone you meet is armed and treat them accordingly.


Daniel said...

Knowing you, I'm guessing he always assumes you are trying to over-compensate and have a gun on you at all times.

I'm also guessing he could care less, except for the man purse. That's just not right. There aught to be a law... :)

Natto Ninja said...

The murse is awesome. You can expect one for Christmas.

I don't over compensate for anything. I suffer from over abundance of compassion. I want you to live so I make sure I am armed so that I am in a position to protect you from bad guys.

I am kind of like the Lone Ranger in that aspect... Only I don't have a side kick... Or a horse... or silver bullets... or wear a mask... or skin tight pants... or have the admiration of thousands...