Thursday, May 14, 2009

Buying Stuff Is Fun

Over the past few months, I have nearly spent myself in to oblivion, and there is no end in sight. I am personally funding the economic recovery of the United States. All of you out there better start spending soon, because I don't know how long I can keep this up.

The economy is killing Hawaii, so I took a trip there with the wife.

Czar Obama has decreed that Las Vegas was bad, so I had to help them out.

The new house market has dried up so I bought one of those.

Panasonic is having trouble so I bought a 50 inch T.V.

Sony is loosing money so I am going to get a PlayStation 3... Gotta have BluRay for the 50 inch...

Yamaha seems to be running out of money, so I am buying a RX-V565 home theater receiver. Gotta have the 1080p up-scaling.

I have yet to determine if the speaker companies need my money.

Pottery Barn is doing very well, but the wife likes their stuff, so I bought a coffee table and a media stand for my 50 inch T.V.

Cisco systems is in the crapper, so I bought 802.11N routers for my sister, brother, and myself. I also picked up a N adapter from Cisco for the PS3. I want to go native N in my new house.

Dell seems to have hit rough times, so I bought a new Studio XPS 435. I made sure it had an Intel processor, because of the huge fine that the EU slapped them with. RAM companies are having a hard time of it too, so I put 12 Gigabytes in there.

Whirlpool is not selling enough appliances, so I am buying a new washer and drier for my new house.

I have not yet decided who is in need of my money for a refrigerator for the new house, but rest assured I will do my part to take care of them too.

I would buy a car, but the car companies that need help are getting my money at the point of a gun, so I figure that is good enough for them.
So... I am just about done. Somebody else start buying sutff or expect a major slump in the economy in June. I got nothing left to give.

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