Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Agree With Oprah??

Oprah and I are like peas and carrots. Seriously.

In a commencement address Oprah told the students that it is great to be rich, to have a big house, and to have a private jet.

Hell to the yeah!! And when you have a LearJet Global Express XRS, you certainly know how to kick the fires and light the tires!

In this jet you have a range of 5000 nautical miles at .8 mach, or about 530 mph at altitudes above FL (Flight Level) 250. Or if you just wanted to fly across the U.S. you could do it at .85 mach. Awesome.

There are faster jets out there, the fastest in common production being Cessna's Citation X. It cruses at .92 mach, but does not give you as much useful load, or the range. The Citation X can only fly about 3000nm on economy.

I am not so ambitious. I just want something light and fast... Like a Cessna Citation Mustang:

Or the sexist thing in the VLJ category, the Cirrus Jet:

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