Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lots of Thoughts

I was moving this last week so I have a bunch of thoughts that I wanted to get down, but I lost most of them... Here are the remnants:

President Obama lecturing the country about our traditions and such in front of the Constitution... I don't think that a guy who is wiping his ass with the Constitution and destroying most of our fundamental traditions and rights has the moral authority to lecture us on this subject...

My new 50 inch TV kicks ass.

Moving uber uber uber sucks.

Another case of who owns me... The Government put out a warrant for the arrest of a mother who did not want her child to get chemotherapy for a treatable cancer. I have to say that freedom involves being free to be an idiot. If you believe that you own you, then you must accept the fact that NOT getting medical attention for your self OR YOUR MINOR CHILDREN is acceptable.
Granted this brings up a conundrum... What if you believe that your God says to sodomize your child while hitting them about the head and body with a club? Are you allowed to do that? The two are just as damaging to the child, and both will undoubtedly bring about the death of the child at some point. At what point does the state observe that the rights of the child are at risk? Interesting arguments rage in my tiny brain, and I will have to think hard to sort all of it out. Most of the time I think that it comes down to the whole chronic vs acute danger.
When the person is at acute risk of death, injury and whatnot, the state must step in to protect the person. However when the condition is chronic, long term, the state must let the person decide for themselves.

Matt Serra and Matt Hughes... Serra has to go, he can't finish a fight, but Hughes can stay. One, because he is a close personal friend with whom I have had beer. Two because he finishes fights... That is he did when he fought to win and not just not to loose.

Everyone in Oklahoma calls me "baby." I guess I will have to get used to this, but I do not like people I don't know calling me "baby," "hon," or "sugar."

Kansas... seriously? You need my $7 that badly that you delay me on a federal highway? Seriously? Cut your gas tax by 1% and I bet you have revenues that make up for my $7 on I-35. Assholes.

Back to the religious mom who won't let her kid get chemotherapy for his cancer. GOD DOES NOT CARE IF YOUR CHILD DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! You stupid, ignorant, fool!!!!! Please please please if you religion says that medical treatment is bad RUN FROM THE DAMN CHURCH!!! If you believe that faith healing is good, simply attempt to shoot yourself. If God wants you to live he will stop the bullet. Go on test your faith and let the rest of us live in peace and sanity.

Back to religion in general... Why is it that people who are normally rational thinking people turn it to blithering idiots when you talk about invisible people? Why do they ignore proven fact, just because a book written thousands of years ago has some stories in it? Something can not come from nothing!!!!!!! If God created the universe you must also accept that God also created rules for the universe to operate with. The most fundamental rule is that SOMETHING CAN NOT COME FROM NOTHING!!!! Thus your fairy tale about Adam and Eve is just a cool creation story, made up by people who had no scientific background to explain the fundamental question of Why are we here? and Where did we come from? Let it go at that.


Chukipumd said...

Wow! So many thoughts. Is smoke coming out of your ears yet?? :-) If you stop caring, Life would be so much easier, wouldn't it hahaha:-)

Natto Ninja said...

It would be easier, but not as much fun.