Tuesday, May 26, 2009

North Korea

North Korea dramatically restarted its nuclear program with an underground test.
North Korea test fired several missiles as well. One was a ballistic missile that could carry a nuclear warhead to Japan, and another was a surface to ship missile that could strike at Japanese, South Korean, or American ships 80 miles out to sea.

What did our President do? He said that the world needs to stand up to North Korea. What did the world do? It came to the decision to condemn the North Korean action. Wow, that is really showing them. Way to go.

Make no mistake, North Korea is doing what it is doing because they see the U.S. as weak. They will continue to prod until we send Jimmy Carter over there to negotiate more idiotic settlements... Remember when Clinton solved the North Korean problem with a Carter negotiated deal that gave them nuclear reactors? The North Koreans were just going to use the reactors to generate power. They used them to make bombs. Good job Jimmy.

Kim Jong-Il is looking to get the same kind of settlement from Obama. And you know what the silly thing is? He is going to get something just as stupid from Obama.

Why do you let a child touch a hot plate? So they learn that hot stuff is not to be touched. How do you teach a lunatic dictator how to get stuff he wants? Let him do weapons tests and shoot missiles, then give him stuff he wants.

Nut job



Idiot II?????

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