Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shooting At National Holocaust Museum

Horrible tragedy. James von Brunn an 88 year old deluded white supremacist decided it was time to kill some Jews and went to the Holocaust Museum. He managed to kill one uniformed security guard, before other armed guards shot him. Nice work asshole. You stole a father away from his children.

The tragedy of this event should be obvious. I am not going in to that, rather there are two significant things that I wish to discuss. First the first, and only, person to be shot was the uniformed armed security person. Second other armed people managed to stop short what would have surely been a bloodbath.

What is significant about the uniformed security guard being the only one to be shot? Many businesses and places believe that they need to disarm the people in your building (i.e. customers and employees), thinking that a uniformed armed security guard will protect them. As the events of yesterday prove, the only thing putting a uniformed armed security guard at the door does is gets you a dead uniformed, armed security guard. The lucky thing at the museum was that there were more armed men inside not at the door.
You see this time and time again. It is the security guard who is the first person to die, or get hurt in these situations. Armed, uniformed security ONLY works if you have numbers. A single person simply sits there with a bulls-eye on his chest. After crazy killer dude dispatches with the guard the others in the building are so much sheep.

This attack would have been in the history books as being one of the nation's most horrific events if other armed citizens were not there to throw bullets back at the nut job. This is how you stop an armed attack. The same situation happened in Colorado just a couple of years ago. Armed jut job walks in to a church gets his ticket punched by an armed church goer.

Will business take from this that it is good to have responsible, armed people in their buildings? Will they learn that their security guard will be the first one do drop?
No. They will proudly display their "No Weapons Allowed" signs, and have their bullet stoppers wear their goofy outfits. And, like a woman going to a two night "self defence" class, they will feel a very real, very false sense of security.

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