Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cheney In Hot Water

What is the deal? Well, the former Vice President was tasked with creating a group of assassins to capture or kill top al-Qaeda leaders. Sounds good right? The CIA was given the task and began training and planning for missions.
Here is where it gets sticky. The 1947 Intelligence Act requires the Executive Branch, of which the CIA is a part, to disclose to congress what it is doing. BUT this only involves covert operations. Former VP Cheney asked the CIA not to report what it was doing to congress. Is this a violation of the Intelligence Act? It depends. The Act, like most federal law, is vague. The line that seems to have been drawn is the "direct action" line. In other words, did we have people, boots on the ground, from this assassin group working in a foreign land. If we did, that is direct action.

IF the assassin group was in direct action, and the former VP knew about it, throw him in jail. He broke the law. You were doing the right thing Mr. Cheney, but you still broke the law. Off the the hoosegow. No one is above the law, especially the Executive Branch of the government.
If there was no direct action, then former VP Cheney was just creating the coolest group of ass kicking ninjas EVER. The only thing he would be guilty of then would be being awesome.
Why wasn't I approached to be an ass kicking ninja... I could do it...


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