Monday, July 13, 2009

North Korean Leader Has Cancer

Die. Just freaking die you troll. You oppressing, saber rattling, goofy bastard, just DIE.

Here is a man who lives in luxury while his people cannot get enough to eat. I hope that cancer is very very painful. I hope he can't find the drugs to combat the cancer. I hope that you suffer more than the average cancer patient in YOUR country. Die. Die. Die. Make the world a better place.

Dude, just die already...

Want to know what socialism looks like? Take a look at North Korea. It isn't because the U.S. imposes sanctions that your country takes a dive. It is because Communism and Socialism DOES NOT WORK. Why with all of the examples in the world do we continue to pursue this way of life? Because, at its heart, Socialism/Communism is about POWER. In fact most governments are about power. Madison knew this. Madison also knew that the natural state of government is to feed the self interest of those that govern. That is why he framed up our government they way he did. With three branches in total deadlock all of the time. But all that has changed now. But this post is about Kim Jong Ill. Who is ill. And we all hope he dies in horrific pain very soon.


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