Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Unholy Cooperation

The time, March 1994. A man sits at a bar. He is dirty, unshaven, uncaring. His addictions have all but consumed him. All he has is his music. He is deeply troubled.
Another man walks in to a bar. He is British, clean cut, good looking, and homosexual. As can be plainly seen from his gait, he has absolutely no rhythm. His fame as a musician was short lived, but intense.

The British man sits next to the dirty man at the bar. The strike up a conversation. Talk eventually turns the their common interest, music.
The two make a starting discovery about their greatest hits.

For a short while the two men record their discovery. It lifts the dirty one's spirits so much that he bursts out of his depressive state. Both men prepare to re-emerge as musical powerhouses... But alas! The government deemed their collaboration as too awesome for the world to behold.

Destroyed, and heartbroken, one man takes his own life. The other simply fades away, and withdrawals from public life.

The government finally deemed that the public was ready for the one collaborative song that the two created. Here it is:

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aegix said...

"He is British, clean cut, good looking, and homosexual"

It's good you made this distinction because most people generally assume British men are gay until proven otherwise.