Tuesday, August 18, 2009

At Political Rallies, Leave Your Guns At Home

Headline news this morning, protesters bring guns to Obama protest. Jesus wept. Are you people in-freaking-sane??????
Apparently about a dozen people decided to come to the protest openly caring guns. One guy brought his AR-15. That is the civilian model of the M4:

The others had handguns strapped to their hips. The protest happened in Arizona, which allows open cary of guns.

NO LAWS WERE BROKEN, nobody was arrested, and nobody got hurt.

That is not the point. The point is when you do that kind of thing it sends the wrong message. The open carry guys were trying to say that they have the right to bare arms. What came across is that a bunch of rednecks wanted to shoot the President. Stupid, Stupid, STUPID!!!

There are ideologies on both sides. You won't convince them, or bring them to your cause. The people whose attention you want to get and convince are the thinking people. If you do thins kind of crap it turns off the thinking people!!! Hell, I am a supporter of your rights and it turns ME off!!!! You stupid MORONS!!!

Be smart! If you see one of these idiots at a rally, show them you CCW permit, say you support them 100%, then tell them to put the gun in their car. They look like idiots and do nothing to help the cause.


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