Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Obama: Public Option is Not a Trojan Horse, Oh, Wait, Yes It Is

Elections have consequences. Plain and simple. You can't elect a bunch of socialists who ignore facts, and expect to get sane legislation enacted. It just doesn't happen.

Obama said recently that the Public Option in health care is not a Trojan Horse for a single payer system. Complete and utter BS. He knows it to. Anyone with half a brain knows it. To explain to the brain dead, let's use the Left's favorite whipping boy WalMart.

You have a nice little town, where people buy their goods from their local stores. Drugs from the corner pharmacy, tools from the local hardware store, food from the grocery store, so on and so forth. These business sell their products at a price that can keep them in business and put a little coin in their pockets.
WalMart moves in. It wants the market share of the little shops. What does it do? Because it has deep pockets, WalMart can sell its products at a loss. This undercuts all of the other stores and the people flock to WalMart. Everybody else, who needs to make a profit, closes their doors.

Sad right? Well guess what the government can do? They are WalMart here, and the insurance companies are the small businesses. Nobody has deeper pockets than the Government. If they introduce a Public Option, it is a certainty that the private insurance companies will get out of the health care business. They can't compete, and they know it.

I don't know why this is a surprise to people... The left has been saying that they would do this for years. The President said it many times himself, before he was President.

If you want to reduce how much you pay for health care, do one thing. Tort reform. Doctors are being killed by how much insurance they have to pay for malpractice, and lawyer fees. Reform torts!!! If you enact a looser pays system, malpractice becomes a virtual thing of the past.

This will not happen in this congress, or in any other congress. The Congress People are mostly lawyers. They won't cut their own throat... Even if it is best for the country.

Will the real Obama please stand up?

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