Monday, August 10, 2009

UFC 101 Recap

I did not get to see this UFC in all of its glory. I only got to see a fight here a fight there... Ok I only got to see the battle of Gorges, Penn vs Kenny, Amir vs Hendricks, and Forrest V Silva.

Jesse Lennox def Danillo Villefort TKO (Cut) 3:37 rnd 3
My Pick: Villefort

George Sotiropoulos def George Roop Submission (Kimura) 1:59 rnd 2
My Pick: Sotiropoulos
Sotiropoulos put on a BJJ clinic. Roop had no chance as submissions were flying around the room like bumblebees at a Snickers company picnic. It was just a matter of time before Sotiropoulos caught the Kimura from the north south position.

Matt Riddle def Dan Cramer Decision
My Pick: Riddle
Matt has come a long way since TUF, just too big and strong for Dan.

Alessio Sakara def Thales Leites Decision (Split)
My Pick: Thales
This was a big surprise for me. I thought that Thales would dominate the ground game and eventually sub Sakara. I need to see this fight.

John Howard def Tamdan McCrory Decision (Split)
My Pick: Tamadan
Wow... I guess the Barn Cat is not as sharp as I thought.

Kurt Pellegrino def Josh Neer Decision (Unanimous)
My Pick: Neer
I felt that Neer would just power out of Kurt's ground game or stuff Kurt's take downs to keep the fight where Josh could really do some damage. Good work on Kurt to dominate the fight.

Ricardo Almeida def Kendall Grove Decision (Unanimous)
My Pick: Almedia
No surprise here. Almedia is twice the ground guy Grove is. I am a little surprised that there was no choke ending...

Johny Hendricks def Amir Sadollah TKO (Punches) 0:29 rnd 1
My Pick: Amir
This fight was stopped way early. Bad call by the ref.

Aaron Riley def Shane Nelson Decision (Unanimous)
My Pick: Riley
Riley is a tough guy and this fight really had no other outcome.

Anderson Silva def Forrest Griffin KO (Punch) 3:23 rnd 1
My Pick: Silva
Again, this fight really had no other outcome. We saw in almost every fight that Forrest has that he is very sloppy about his defence. We also saw in the Jardine fight, that Forrest can be easily dropped with punches directly on his chin. Bad combo against a guy like Silva.

B.J. Penn def Kenny Florian Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 3:54 rnd 4
My Pick: Penn
Kenny had a decent game plan. It was the same one that GSP used... but GSP was 30 pounds heavier and a hell of a lot stronger. I am not sure that Kenny was the bigger man in this fight. Penn retains the title. I don't know if there is anybody left at 155 for Penn to face.

I go 6 for 11. Ouch.

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