Thursday, September 10, 2009

Health Care Speech

Obama set forth his health care goals last night. Although I do not agree with the presentation of Joe Wilson's comment, and fully condemn him for it, his meaning is correct. The President and his cronies in the House and Senate are lying to the American People. Not the kind of "lie" that you tell when you believe one thing and the evidence later proves you wrong, the real kind of lie where you know absolutely that what you are saying is a falsehood, and you say it anyway.

First some nit picking:
In the beginning of the speech the President said that the uninsured are one accident away from bankruptcy. This is idiotic. All of us are one accident, mistake, or bad decision away from bankruptcy. It is like saying that we all could die crossing the street tomorrow, or that if we do bad things a spectral entity that we can not see will punish us after we die. It is a bogeyman.

Next he mentions how we are the only advanced democracy that allows millions to go uninsured. I am absolutely sick of this statement. Especially by elected officials. To say this is to reveal that you either have no clue as to what form of government the United States Constitution set up, or you are deceiving people so that you can trick them later. We do not live in a democracy. The Founders HATED democracy. Democracy is rule by the mob. The United States Constitution created a Representative Republic. It is not mob rule it is rule by law. There is a big difference.

The President then goes in to what is "broken" with our current system, and what the left and right are thinking. The President likes to appear as a centrist, he isn't, but he likes to appear that way. The left, including the President, wants single payer, the right, myself included, wants everybody to pay their own way.

He then goes in to the two buzz words that the left loves to pull out about anything Government controlled: Stability and Security. The is the biggest bunch of hogwash there is. The Government is neither stable or secure. Nothing is. The natural state of anything is flux. There is nothing stable or secure. Government programs are subject to the whims of bureaucrats. You have zero control over your own decisions or what changes you wish to make. If you don't like it and want to get out, no dice. The Government will use force to make you comply. Try to opt out of Social Security. See how far that gets you. Health care, same way.

He then starts to outline how the new "reform" will force private insurance companies, who need to make a profit to keep going, to get out of the health insurance business. No caps on what an insurance company will pay. Guaranteed coverage despite pre-existing conditions. Forcing insurance companies to pay for routine medical visits, procedures, and tests.
These things will bankrupt the insurance companies, or make it so expensive that only the richest of Americans can afford it. Everybody else... public option.

He mentions that his plan will not insure illegal aliens. This is sort of true, but mostly a deception. It is against the law for health care workers to ask if the people they are treating are residents of this country. They get treated everywhere, and anyway. Most of the patents that my wife treats now are illegals. All get 100% free treatment care of the American Taxpayer. This will not change, so the illegals will not get insurance, but they don't care because they get free treatment anyway.

Then we get a little deception about insurance competition in states. The President says how in most states fewer than 5 insurance companies provide coverage. This is bit of smoke and mirrors. Mr. Obama fails to mention that it is because of government regulation that insurance companies do not cover people in those states. It is too expensive. The future? They hope so.

He then talks about how he will pay for the plan, with out talking about how he will pay for the plan. The simple fact is that the plan will bankrupt the country. Taxes will have to be raised on all those paying taxes, less than half of the population now.

All of the debate can be boiled down in to a few simple facts:
No government controlled health care system on the planet has not rationed care. Care is not rationed now.

Government intervention has contributed greatly to the increase in health care costs.

Any of the proposed reform bills will increase costs to the taxpayers exponentially.

That is it and that is all. You want to reform health insurance? Promote health insurance the way it was meant to be. Just like your car insurance. My insurance does not pay for an oil change, a tire rotation, or a break job. Why should my health insurance? High deductible insurance with a Health Savings Plan is the the way to go. I pay for everything under $2000. The insurance company pays for the rest.

Reform torts. A loser pays system solves most of the idiotic malpractice suits that your health care professionals spend ridiculous amounts of money on, thus reducing overall costs.

Government is not the answer.

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