Monday, November 9, 2009

Like Thieves In The Night...

Thieves are exactly what they are. Steal money from us, at the point of a gun, and hand it over to people who did not earn it. The nose is under the tent, the frog is in the ever heating water, and the ball is rolling down that slippery slippery slope.

The Health Care Reform Act was introduced in to the house on 10/29, and passed 220-215 on SATURDAY. My vacation plans get more debate time that. How many representatives actually read the entire bill? I bet I can count them on one hand.

This bill is bad news for America. Not only will it bankrupt the country, it will destroy health care as you know it. When you artificially reduce the price of something, that something will inevitably become in short supply. There is a reduced benefit for the production of the product, so fewer people want to produce it. The very same is true for health care. Why would doctors, who after their residencies just want to make money, stay in government controlled health care? No benefit for their trouble, out they go to other more lucrative positions. Why would GE want to continue making MRI machines? Reduced demand for the product, as fewer and fewer hospitals will be around, no benefit, why make them?

Simple fact is that this bill will actually raise the price of health care, while simultaneously reduce the quality of health care. The benefit? It guarantees that a large percentage of Americans will be dependant on Government for their health. What party is forever touting more and more government benefits? Do the math. This is nothing but a vote buying scheme, to keep one political party in power.

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