Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our Republic Dies Tomorrow.

I go to sleep, hoping that the spirits of Washington, Madison, and Jefferson will stir some sort of feeling in our Representatives in the House. Hope that they will, perhaps, read the Constitution, and realize that what they are doing has no justification.
Hope kills pilots. I am a pilot. I don't trust in hope. I know that the bill will pass tomorrow. I know that if the States don't step in, if the Court does not strike the bill down, our Republic will bankrupt, our economy will collapse, and the Republic, as we know it will fall.

The horrific thing is that the Representatives know this is what they are doing. The discussions are not about weather or not this bill is good or bad, Constitutional or not, but about how to hide their votes so that they can hold on to their power. It is a disgusting perversion of our system, and blatantly against the wording and the spirit of the Constitution.

It is the end of the Republic. Buy gold now.

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