Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cheats and Liars

Honesty and integrity. These two values are what I attempt to live my life by, and hopefully it reflects in my work and in my daily life. In every interview I have had, I have asked what the company's and the manager's core values are. Nearly all of them announce proudly that their values are similar to mine. In my current position, the manager announced that he held the same values as I did. I believed him.

Soon after I started he asked me if I could temporarily do some test deployments, and some web administration in addition to my development work. He said that I would soon be doing dev full time, but we needed the help now. I agreed under those terms. I wanted a set time limit, but none was given. I accepted this for the time being.

Soon after that I began to receive messages for more and more production help, and soon learned that I was named the primary administrator for all web servers. WTF? I confronted the manager, and he informed me that I was NOT the primary, but responsibilities would be shared between all administrators.

Soon after that I learned from the other admins that not only was I the primary admin, I would be handling all of the deployments, twice a week, all of the administration, and was supposed to handle a two cluster, one single 100+ app Server 2003 to Server 2008 R2 migration.

My dev work is now nonexistent. I spend all of my time doing web administration and migration work. The only development of any sort that I do is writing PowerShell scripts and msdeploy bat files.

I accepted this job at the current salary because I thought it was a development position. I walked away from an Admin job paying me much more than my current position. I took this job to learn to be a professional developer. That is why I accepted a much lower salary.
My boss refuses to talk about when I will be doing more development work. He will not discuss if I will ever be removed as the primary web admin.
From what I can tell the other admins did not want to do the deployments, or the web work, even thought that is their job description. They wanted to do SharePoint admin exclusively. Me doing the web work and deployments is by their request.

The worst part about all of this is that the boss is good friends with the entire team... except me. The company is one of the top 50 places to work in the entire US. They are one of the major employers in the city. They have great benefits, and the place has some really neat fringe things. I can't stay there. The boss has no integrity. What is worse he can not muster the courage to tell me what is up to my face. He has his buddies do it. I know that it looks bad on the resume, but I have to leave. If engagement is local, color me one very disengaged employee.

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