Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For The Love of Pete

It makes no difference what your religious beliefs are. Everybody has a right to worship or not according to their own feelings. Even if you are running for office. You can serve as governor of a state being a Sikh. You can serve as governor of a state if you are a Muslim. You can be governor of a state if you call yourself a Christian, but still celebrate holidays of another religion that you "converted" from. It's OK. Seriously. There are more religions in the world than Christianity. If they are American, bring them on!

Why oh why oh why, does Nikki Haley need to "prove" that she is a Christian? Who gives a flippy dippy if she used to be a Sikh. She says that she is a Christian now. Who cares????? How is that going to affect how she runs a state? I don't get it.

South Carolina pull your collective head out of your ass!!!!

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