Thursday, July 22, 2010

Monica, You Be Crazy!

I was listening to America's Morning News yesterday and they were interviewing one Monica Crowley. The topic? Should a Mosque be allowed to be built on the site of Ground Zero in New York. Normally I would tune out on such discussion, it is pointless, because it is a New York issue, more specifically it is a City of New York issue. BUT, as will happen in cases such as this, the First Amendment was brought up, that made my ears perk.
Monica believes that the mosque should not be built, because... well because Muslim terrorists were the ones who brought the buildings down. The counter point to this was that Muslims in this country are protected by the First Amendment to worship in the manner of their choosing. This point was very eloquently stated by New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Monica countered with the Constitution is not a suicide pact,and that if we let Muslims build a mosque on the hallowed ground of Ground Zero, they win.

Not only is your argument crap, Monica, your premise does not hold water on multi levels.
First, the only bit of truth in your argument: The Constitution is not a suicide pact. This is true. It is also why the Government maintains a monopoly on force. Government has the power to enforce laws, violated by INDIVIDUALS, not groups, unless you use the abomination that is RICO, but, as far as I know, no RICO case has been brought up against the muslim people as a whole. You can not abridge where a religious organization places their place of worship. As long as the local government approves of the placement based on their law... It is a done deal.
The First Amendment was written so that people that are offensive for what ever reason could have their say(and print it), gather peacefully, redress Government, and worship whatever God they choose, in whatever way they choose. These freedoms are like a light switch, you have them or you don't. There is no gray area, no kinda sorta. You have them or you don't. If the Muslims are not allowed to build their place of worship, neither can anyone else, so St. Patrick's has to go. Why? Catholics believe that the Pope is their leader not the President.

This kind of thought is what brought the USA to one of its darkest, blackest acts, the internment of Americans, with Japanese ancestry. Why? They couldn't tell their loyalty. The Germans weren't rounded up, just the Japanese... And some Koreans, and Chinese, and anyone else whose eyes weren't quite round enough. Are we there again, that we are going to prosecute a group because of the way they talk to their invisible man?

Better looking than I thought she would be... Seriously, her voice is not very hot.

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