Friday, August 20, 2010

Meaningless Facts

In a recent Time Magazine poll, 24% of Americans believe that the President is a Muslim. In other meaningless facts, 13 people a year are killed by vending machines falling on them, and 4% of Americans consider themselves vegetarian.

It makes absolutely no difference what invisible man the President talks to, or how he talks to him. None. What is it about this particular religion that gets Americans all nutsy crazy? Sure, some radicals flew planes in to buildings and took them down. What are we doing about that? We are fighting them in Afghanistan... Sort of. They are fighting us, and we are trying to stay alive. Which brings us to the crux of this post.

Instead of hand wringing about useless statistics of what divine practice the American people suppose our President is, why are we not hammering on the White House door asking why there is little to no support of our war fighters in Afghanistan? The only real statistics we should be shouting about are 1156 dead, 88 last month alone.

We are loosing a war that we already won. Why are we loosing it? Poor leadership. We don't have enough boots on the ground, so our war fighters are being picked off one by one. In the southern provinces, IEDs are set with impunity. The villages, who just want to be left in peace, side with the Taliban, not because they want to, but because we can't protect them if they side with us. Why? We are spread too thin. So thin in fact that we can not mount a decent retaliation if one of the villages that made the mistake of siding with us is hit by the enemy.

What do we need to win? More guys, more bullets, more guns. The same thing that armies have needed since the invention of the firearm. We must commit to this war as we did in Iraq. Only then will we defeat the enemy.

Will we do what needs to be done? Here is a fact for you, 100% of this blogs authors believe that we will not.

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