Monday, September 6, 2010

Back From Europe

I have never really had any interest in Europe. To me they were a bunch of people more obsessed with their past than their future. A people that used American innovation, while looking down on the very people responsible for driving their lives forward.

I now that I have been there... I have the same feelings.
Very cool Architecture, good beer, the people... meh.

I will write up a "What I did on my summer vacation" later for now... Grades!!

Dusseldorf Germany:
Cool Stuff: B
Altbier breweries, cool old town, suspension bridges over the Rhine.

Beer: A
Altbier is awesome!! Went to a very cool brewery that has been serving their beer since the 17th century. All beer was stored in small casks, just as it was in the 1600s.

Food: C+
Sauerkraut, sausages, and pork knuckle. Sauerkraut, yuck. Pork knuckle and sausages, awesome!

Womens: C
A couple of head turners, but nothing to write home about.

Brussels, Belgium:
Cool Stuff: A+
The Grand Palace, guild halls, Palace of Justice, gardens, sculptures. On top of being almost cleaner than Disney World, the sights are just mind-blowing.

Beer: A
Belgian beer is just off of the hook. What can you say about a place where the Brewers Guild has their headquarters in one of the most beautiful buildings on the planet?

Food: B
Having being a country that has both been conquered by France and Germany, you get an interesting mix of both cultures in the food. Pork knuckle with a Dijon mustard sauce. Sausages with wine. Good stuff!

Womans: B+
Brussels is an international city. Being such should give the people an international look. Not so when the majority of the international countries are chock full of only one racial group. While the womans are beautiful, the lack of diversity really disappointed me.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands:
Cool Stuff: C+
The canals are fun. Anne Frank's hide out is worth a visit. The Royal Palace is kick ass. But... The place has been turned in to an international Tourist Trap, and... the place is dirty. With drugs legal in most places, there is a constant smell of pot nearly everywhere in the city.

Beer: C
Amstel and Heineken rule the roost, an I am just not a big fan. After spending time in Belgium and Germany where every town has their own favorite local brew they just don't cut it.

Food: B
Potatoes mixed with ground pork, kale, and such are actually really good. Deserts were awesome, and coffee was great!

Womans: A
Amsterdam is a shipping city, and with that comes trade from other than European countries. That and the city being a place where the world comes to get high, means that the people are diverse and good looking.

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