Monday, September 27, 2010


At a party this weekend talk turned to politics, and I gave some opinions. One of the party goers, laughed and said that I must really hate Nancy Pelosi. On the contrary... I admire Speaker Pelosi.

I have often said, that I would like to see someone in politics who does not compromise on their principals, who goes after what they think is right, despite what the polls say. In the face of certain electoral defeat, I wanted someone to say "Screw you hippies! This is right!"

That person is Nancy Pelosi. In the face of overwhelming defeat in the House, and the possible loss of the Senate, she solders on with her agenda. She does not care that the vast majority of the country disagrees with the legislation she proposes, she still gets it passed. She is focused. She is driven. She has her agenda, and she WILL succeed.

What I admire most about Speaker Pelosi is what I admire most in other people. I admire her indomitable fighting spirit. She has that glint in her eye that you only see from those that will not break, no matter how thoroughly they are defeated or beaten. She exudes, as my friend Aaron Cerone calls it, Fuck You Energy.

I wish she were on my side. I wish that she saw the Constitution as the Foundation of Government, and not simply an obstacle to maneuver around. It is not to be. She and I are destined to be on opposite sides of the political spectrum. That does not stop me from admiring her.

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