Monday, September 20, 2010

What the Tea Party Doesn't Need

The Tea Party movement is a great thing to behold. Thousands of people calling for greater freedom, more accountability in government, and, above all, smaller government. It is really awesome. So awesome in fact the opponents of the above are making loud wacky claims in efforts to discredit the movement. RACIST! They scream. HATEMONGERS! They cry. No evidence of racism or hate has been found, despite a $100K reward for it. The movement comes down to a bunch of people who want less spending in government, and more accountability of their politicians. You see, after George W. Bush and the Republican congress ass raped the American public that wanted to see less government, by giving them such gems as the Patriot Act, additional spending in Education, and prescription drug benefits for Medicaid, the public is pissed off. Next they staged huge protests over ObamaCare, TARP, and the Stimulus plan, only to be ignored. That pissed them off even more. So the Tea Party popped up as a reaction.

Some groups of people, will attempt to hijack a movement for their own ends. This is evident in the Civil Rights movement, the NRA, and the Conservative movement. A movement will begin with one intention, in this case smaller government, and get hijacked by people who espouse that intention, BUT have other intentions that they espouse more. The Tea Party finds itself at this crossroads.

The Tea Party was founded on the principal of less government, but it was founded by people with jobs, and other obligations. So, other people with time slowly took over the organization. As they were doing that, they started to inject their own agenda in to the rallies, giving favorable speaking spots to speakers who supported their cause. What is the cause? What is it that the Tea Party doesn't need? The social Cristian conservatives. With Christine O'Donnall's win in Delaware, the focus is slowly shifting to the stupidity of the Christian right. We are already seeing the O'Donnall smear campaign begin. She spoke out against masturbation. She said she dabbled in Witchcraft. That is fine. She is a nut, but what worries me is that the Christian right is taking over the smaller government message.

So far the Tea Party has the support of independents and Libertarians, because their message matches the thoughts and feelings of those groups. Most independents don't care what you do in the bedroom, and are very turned off by those who try to legislate what religion you should practice. Libertarians get nervous when you start spouting religious evidence against Evolution. Nut ball Christian issues will cause the independents and Libertarians to bolt your movement.

Ultimately, I don't think that the Tea Party will fracture before November, but afterwards, the Christian Right will ruin it. Just as the Communists and the Socialists ruin the Environmental movement. They can't help it. Both groups desperately want their agenda brought to fruition, and will hijack any movement that in anyway resembles their own.

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