Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Democrat Has Revelation?

Illinois Democrat congresswoman Jan Schakowsky has a revelation of sorts...

Interviewer: Where in the constitution does it give congress the authority to mandate that I purchase health insurance?

Rep. Schakowsky: You know .. if you .. (waves her hand and walks away from the camera, then turns back) .. I don't see where it is in the constitution that is says that we can build a national highway system

Interviewer: Well actually the Constitution says post offices and post roads, ma'am

Rep. Schakowsky: I don't see where it says we can do civil rights legislation. I don't see where it says we can do Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security. If we can do Medicare, if we can do Medicaid, I would say it is pretty well established that the United States of America can address health care.
Ok, so she doesn't have a revelation. But she has a point. There IS no provision in the Constitution that says that they can do Civil Rights, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. If the interviewer was prepared, he should have said, "THAT'S RIGHT!!! WHY DOES CONGRESS OVERSTEP ITS CONSTITUTIONAL BOUNDARIES!" It was a perfect "gotcha" moment.

Oh, well.

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