Monday, October 4, 2010

Three Things That Should Scare the Poop Out of You...

Three things that should scare the ever living crap out of you... That is if you believe in freedom and personal property.

First, the 1% tax on all financial transactions. What's that you say? Check it out:

Get rid of all of the filler and the liberal feel good crap and you have HR4191. A tax on all financial transactions. What does this mean? Let's make the math easy and say that HR4191 passes and we get a 1% tax on all financial transactions. You are a follower of Dave Ramsey, and the first thing you do with your paycheck is to pay yourself. You put $100 in to a savings account. But you only see $99 appear in your account. Why? $1 went to the IRS. But wait... Your company putting in your $1,000 paycheck, this is the net amount after taxes have been withdrawn, but you don't get $1,000, you get $990. That night you go out to dinner and pay for a $100 meal... whoops... It is now $101, gotta pay that transaction tax!
It is a method of squeezing more and more out of the American people. Seizing more and more of their money. Taxes now are not just income taxes. The Government double and triple dipping us already with their tax systems. This is another dip in to money that they already believe belongs to them.

Next, remember those tax differed IRAs? Remember your pretax 401(k)? Remember your after tax Roth IRAs? You use those vehicles to fund your retirement with all of the income tax benefits. Democrats are using the Argentinean model of claiming that "middle class" Americans need security in their retirement, and that the "rich" are unfairly funding their own retirement with their extra income. So... The Government needs to take some of that money, that they don't really need anyway, and give it to those who didn't do such a good job of saving.
File this one under direct income redistribution, and seizure of private property.

Finally, a man was shot on his jet ski on a lake that straddles the Mexico and US border. This is not an isolated incident. Reports are now coming in of pirates, yes pirates, on this lake hijacking, boarding, and robbing people on this lake. When the authorities come calling, they simply retreat to the Mexican side of the lake. Apparently this lake is a well known place where drugs and illegals are smuggled across. It is also popular with tourists. Tourists have money. A lake is a big place. Good spot to kidnap, rob, and kill.

These things should frighten you. The first two are outright seizures of private property. The last one is the act of sovereignty violation. All three will be allowed to go forward under the current administration/congress.

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