Thursday, September 6, 2012

Things That are Putting Me In a Funk

It's the silly season and things are getting silly.  I hate disinformation.  It drives me insane.  Make your points without lying.  Use the FULL context when quote someone.  You can still make all of your points.  You don't need all of the crap!!!

Anyway here are some of the top myths and outright lies that drive me insane:

President Obama is a Muslim 
No, he isn't.  He is a Christian.  A religion isn't like your genetic make up, you can change it just as easily as you change your socks.  In the case of the President, he went to a Muslim school, just like an Atheist kid goes to a Christian school.  They go because it is a good school.
By the way...  Who gives a rat's ass if he was a Muslim??  Didn't we all declare in a loud voice when Kennedy was elected that the religious practices of the President doesn't effect how he does his job??

Differences between Income and Capital Gains taxes
This one really frosts my cake...  A guy like Mitt Romney, a rich guy, pays in the 35% bracket on all of his INCOME.  That means that his INCOME from accepted sources, salary from a job, interest on bank accounts, rent on real estate, etc are all taxed at a rate that is commensurate with that income, in Romney's case, that is the very very top bracket of 35%.
Money made on investments, however is taxed differently.  Because it is not guaranteed money i.e. you are taking a risk with it, it is only taxed at 15%.  This is NOT a loophole.  It is the law.  Income and investment gain, are different.
However many like to lump these tow together and say that the combined amount is the "effective" tax rate.  It is absolutely false.  It is wrong.

The deficit can be solved by raising revenue
The United States of America borrows $0.40 of every dollar it spends.  If you confiscated every penny of every person making over the arbitrarily picked number of $200,000 you wouldn't be able to make up the entire deficit, you could only close about 77% of it.  This is just the deficit, we aren't even touching the full crushing weight of the National Debt.  The fact is that the deficit and debt problems are SPENDING problems.  The Government can not live within its means.  Spending must be drastically cut before any real gain can be made.

Republicans/Democrats are ignoring victims of hurricane/earthquake/bombing/hot pizza mouth burning
Look...  nobody likes suffering.  Nobody likes it when somebody gets hurt.  Just because one group likes guns, doesn't mean that they want shootings to occur.  Just because one group wants drugs to be legal, doesn't mean they like junkies.  Making political hay out of tragedy is just sick!

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