Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Entitlement Attitude Now a Virtue????

A little while ago I wrote a post about my own experiences trying to come to terms with the entitlement mentality, and the dependence on Government. I found that the dependent attempted to justify their dependence and the money they received by saying that they work hard and are therefore OWED this assistance. I could not square that logic with well... actual reasoning.

After taking a look at new attack ads run by a labor union that is working for the re-election of President Obama, it seems as if the entitlement attitude is actually a virtue now.

Check out this video featuring Richard:

Richard... If you know your body is going to break down, why are you not prepairing for that eventuality? Why are you not looking for other work? Why are you not training yourself on weekends and evenings on marketable skills that will allow you to get a job that does not involve lifting??????? Richard, I did not put a gun to your head and force you to be a garbage man. YOU, however, are using the Government's monopoly on force, literally a gun to MY head, to pay for YOUR lack of planning.

But wait there's more!!! Check out Tito:

Tito... if you get laid off you might loose your house. I have an idea... Why don't you save some money so that if indeed you do get laid off, you WON'T loose your house. I have ALWAYS had such an emergency fund. Do you know why??? BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO LOOSE MY HOUSE IF I GET LAID OFF!!!!!!! Tito, you don't look like you miss many meals. What if you cut back on the calories, and use that extra money to build yourself an emergency fund like a responsible person would do. Oh, wait, that's right... You have a gun to my head forcing ME to pay for your lack of planning. Awesome.

One more... meet Joan:

Alright Joan... Let's pretend that the Office of the President has any control at all over these jobs, he doesn't because they are municipal jobs, not federal jobs, but we don't want to bring reason and logic in to this discussion now do we? Ok, the President waves his magic pen and cuts the jobs on the beach. What would happen? The very next day the Home Owners Association will get together and hire people to do the job. Problem solved. In fact the HOA will likely spend much less money doing the same job, because they will not bother with the cumbersome union that attaches itself to government jobs. So... your argument really has no merit.

The attitude presented by each one of these people is exactly the entitlement victim mindset that is propagated by those that will not be voting for Mitt Romney. The first two are solved by simply planning for the future. The first rule of life is to spend less than you earn. The second rule of life is prepare for likely emergency by creating an emergency fund, and buying insurance to protect against unforeseen emergencies. Did no one teach them these rules? Did they not learn this when they were growing up? Did they not see that the ones who could afford the nice things were the ones who were careful with their money???????? No, they didn't, or they just don't care. They simply want what the other guy has, and are willing to use force to attain it.

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