Sunday, October 14, 2012

Global Warming?

According to newly released data, global warming over the last 16 years  has been non-existent... On top of this, warming since 1880, when reliable measurements started, the temperature has only warmed to 0.75 degrees centigrade.  What does this tell us?  Two things.  First, the computer models that have said that global warming was a catastrophic problem are horrifically flawed.  Not only do the models not predict this temperature plateau, but they state that the temperature should be much warmer than it is today.  Second, the influence of solar activity has much more of an effect on the earth's temperature than previously thought.

So, with this new data will the Global Warming alarmists stop ringing the alarm?  Not a chance.  They will continue to pursue their agenda.  Why?  Because it brings them power, which is really what any movement that is based on the restriction of the free market and restriction of freedom is about.  They want control over the way you spend money, and the way you live your life.  There is no coincidence that the global warming people are hardcore left wingers.  They want to change the economy to a centralized Keynesian style, and the "environment" is how they do it.

If this wasn't so, we would see a much more scientific results and data view from these people.  We do not.  We simply see the push for more and more restrictions despite evidence over the last 16 years to the contrary.


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