Sunday, October 21, 2012

Romney Tied or Leading in All Major Polls

For the first time in the campaign, Mitt Romney is now leading or tied with the President. An interesting development...

Gallup has Romney ahead 52% to 45% among likely voters, 49% to 46% among registered voters

Rasmussen has the Electoral College set at 237 for Obama and 235 for Romney, a virtual dead heat.

Wall Street Journal/NBC's poll has it at 47% a piece.

This is interesting because most polling data skews left, as most polls use land line phones, and most people who have land line phones tend to vote Democrat. Also most polling companies are using a weighting system that is based on the 2008 presidential election turn out, heavily skewing the results left.

Now, what does all of this mean? Probably nothing. It does show that Romney is surging and the President is fading. Why? Well... It looks like Romney wants it, the President's surrogates want it, but the President himself is kind of phoning this election in. I don't know why. Personally, I think that he, the President, is tired of having to work so hard to move his agenda. I think he was blindsided two years ago with the loss of the House of Representatives, and I think he takes the creation of the Tea Party movement personally. He just doesn't want it.

Now... Will all this matter? I don't think so. I still think that the President will win re-election. I don't think that Romney is enough of a contrast to the President to really give anyone a good choice. I think that Romney is not nearly charismatic enough to win anybody over to his personality. And I think that Romney has flipflopped on so many issues that it is impossible to tell what kind of decisions he would make.

To me the election is about control of the Supreme Court. I know what kind of Justices that the President will appoint. What kind of Justice will Romney appoint? Somebody like Justice Kennedy. A moderate. Which means that the court will veer hard left. Not that it matters. The Obamacare decision along with Kielo and other abominations have destroyed freedom in the United States, no matter how it is spun (No, I don't believe that Roberts voted for Obamacare to put limitations on the Commerce Clause, No I don't believe that Roberts voted for Obamacare to put limits on Congress' definition of a "fee" or a "penalty"). So it really doesn't matter who wins. Romney nor Obama will really face what we need to do to save the Republic, neither will embrace real tax reform, and neither will do a thing to stop the march of the TSA and other government agencies to total Totalitarianism.

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