Sunday, July 21, 2013


I hate cleaning, but I like things to be clean, so I look for any cleaning product that will let me cheat. I fall for just about any marketing scheme on new and improved products.
Very few things do what they are advertised to do. Most, like the Hoover Hard Floor Cleaner, make more work than just cleaning old school.
Then I found the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Holy freaking crap. I thought they were making wild marketing claims with its "magic" properties. It turns out, they should have been selling it harder.

This thing cleans EVERYTHING. That is not so amazing, steel wool cleans everything too. The magic eraser cleans like freaking steel wool, but is non abrasive. My Mazda got road paint on it when an asshole government worker decided to paint the curb the car was parked next to. Nothing worked to get it off. The auto body guys said they would have to scrape down to the metal and re-paint. Out of desperation I used the Magic Eraser on it. With very little elbow grease it took the road paint off, but didn't scratch or take off the car's paint or clearcoat. It is just amazing.

I used to use harsh chemicals and the Scrubbing Bubbles with a rough sponge to clean my bathtubs and showers. It would take a while and was hard work. I hated it so much that I would wait long periods before cleaning again. Now... 10 minutes with the Magic Eraser and I am done.
We moved in to a new place. The previous tenants didn't take care of their bath tubs. No problem. Magic Eraser.

I am pretty much like the Father in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was with Windex, only my Windex is The Magic Eraser. I can't say enough good the thing is without abrasion. It scratches nothing, but cleans everything. My nice wood tables, clean, no damage to the stain or varnish. Toilets and sinks, clean, no problems with porcelain. It is just awesome.

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