Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CCW Holder Stops Robery

Here we have two punks coming in to an internet cafe, and attempt to hold it up. Samuel Williams decided that he did not want to become a victim that night so he decided to act.

So what did Sam do correct and what did he do wrong?
  • He waited until no one was looking before drawing his weapon.
    • You don't want to get caught drawing your gun. That will guarantee you get shot first.
  • He changed his level before firing his first shot.
    • You never want to be in the place where your opponent thinks you will be. Changing levels before shooting puts you in a position where your opponent has to look for you rather than immediately have you in his sights.
  • He kept in the fight until there was no more threat.
    • He did not allow his attackers any time to regroup and mount a counter attack. He kept the pressure on until there was not threat.
  • He made sure of his shots, only shooting when he had a clear shot at his intended target.
    • He always had a sight picture of his target when shooting. He didn't wildly start firing in the general direction of the bad guys. He found his shot and pulled.
Now... what did he do wrong?
  • He stood out in the open not from cover when he opened fire.
    • Granted his first shot had to come fast, but his follow ups were in the open as well. He should have taken cover behind one of the desks for his followup shots as his attackers were leaving.
  • He followed the assailants out of the store.
    • Following the bad guys out of the store is a very bad idea. In close quarters you can insure that no one is flanking you. Not so out doors. The wide open spaces also make it easier for your opponents to mount a counterattack.
      Sometimes the law is against us when we follow assailants out doors, YOU now take on the role of attacker and the bad guy victim, opening you up to prosecution. You want to stay inside and prepare for the bad guys to come back in.
  • He shot one of them while they were down outside of the store.
    • Shooting someone while they are down can open you up to prosecution. While it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6, you need to know the limits of the law.
  • He fired one handed, not using the sights while pushing the gun forward.
    • Nit-picking here, but he should have had his gun in both hands, getting a clear sight picture each time he fired. His last few shots were sloppy, and he almost certainly missed. A miss means that he could have hit someone he wasn't intending to shoot. Proper handling is a must at ALL TIMES.
Sam was lucky that he wasn't hit by return fire. I would like to think that I would have dropped all the way to the knee to fire the first shot, but I bet I have better mobility than dear Sam. All in all a good example of what an armed citizenry can do!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fernando Salvador Shows Many Awesome Things

Freaking wow... I am going to immediately incorporate the first choke in to my game. I end up in this position a lot.

I'd Rather Go Blind

Rarely in blues do you get a combination of the perfect voice and the perfect guitar talent.  The voices typically go pop, and the guitars normally don't have the pipes to back up their guitar work.  That is why this team up of Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart is so very special.
Beth has an amazing, soulful voice for blues, and Joe...  Joe is a master of the guitar.  There is no one performing that does better than him.  This song is above awesome.