Friday, August 31, 2007

Bush to Outline Aid to Sub-Prime Mortgages

The Nanny State MUST STOP!!!!

It is NOT up to the Government to bail out lenders who make bad loans or borrowers who are high risk. You KNOW going in to the loan that if you don't make your payments you loose your house. It is the definition of collateral. You already have several companies that offer mortgage insurance, if they won't take your business, YOU SHOULD NOT BE MAKING THE LOAN!!!!!!!!!!

The Government's job is not to hold your hand with everything. Freedom means the freedom to fail! If a bank is stupid enough to lend to someone who can't pay, then shame on them! Let them take the loss. If the person tries to buy a house they cannot afford, the deserve to live on the street!

What is next? Are you going to bail the auto borrowers out when you can't pay your car payments anymore? Why not issue everyone a car and a house? Why should people pay for anything? Why not have the Government make all the decisions?

No one cares about freedom any longer. Not Republicans. Certainly not Democrats. Raise the red flag. We did not win the Cold War. They did, Comrade!;_ylt=Ai9iCaJ35oNIdUWa26aWQ8ADW7oF

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Babalu Vs Heath

Watch it quick before they take it down!! --------> They took it down.

Babalu's takedowns look like mine. Horrible. All grab and no drive.

Heath has a good sweep.

Babalu's use of elbows from the guard is the best I have seen since Bas Ruten fought Kevin Randalman.

The cut... yuck. Lots of blood real fast. Splattering all over the mat when Heath gets punched.

I don't think that the choke was held excessively long.

Mike Vick & Dog Fighting

I am going to make a lot of my readers angry now (hi Mom!!!). I do not think that Michael Vick should be prosecuted for dog fighting...

Let me be clear. Dog fighting is a brutal, abhorrent act. I do not support dog fighting in any way, shape, or form.

That said, my objection to Vick's prosecution on federal charges comes from property rights. Vick owned those dogs. They were his property, his chattel. According to the Fifth Amendment: "No person shall . . . be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." The Due Process Clause does not mean that the government can simply make laws that restrict property. They have been given very strict guidelines and procedures to follow. That means that the Federal Government had no right to prosecute Vick, as his actions did not infringe on anybody else's rights.

Let's put this another way... I buy a cow. I feed it, house, it and care for it. When the time is right, I kill it. It makes little difference that the animal will be used for food. Again, no one's rights were infringed upon by my killing of the cow. Why is there a difference with dogs? Chattel is chattel. If I kill a dog and eat it, is that cause for my being federally prosecuted?

If you do not support Dog Fighting, don't go to the fights. Work with your city to ban the practice. There is no Constitutional reason for any type of Dog Fighting legislation at the Federal Level.

Vick is guilty of bad taste, despicable behavior, and being a moron. Nothing else.

UFC 75 Champion vs Champion September 8th

A free UFC with a PPV level card comes at us from the O2 Arena in London.

Naoyuki Kotani Vs. Dennis Siver
Naoyuki lost his first fight in the UFC by decision to Thiago Tavares. Not a bad guy to loose to. Like most Japanese fighters Kotani is a submission guy, only one of his 17 wins comes by KO. The telling stat is that his 4 of his 6 losses come by KO.
Dennis also lost his first fight in the UFC. His loss came by a Jess Liaudin armbar. Dennis too is a ground fighter winning most of his fights by submission. He has a few KO wins to his record as well. He is 10-4
Kotani looses by KO a lot, but Silver looses by sub a lot... actually he has never lost by any other method. He has always tapped out. I think that Kotani has the better fighters in his record, combined with the fact that most Japanese fighters are ground based, he is the better ground fighter. Kotani by RNC second round.Anthony Torres Vs. Jess Liaudin
Anthony has kind of been off of the map since his TUF days. He last fought over a year ago beating Pat Healy by RNC. Antony was eliminated off of season two by Luke Cummo via decision. Antony is known as a ground guy, but has two of his five wins by KO. He has no professional losses, as the fight with Cummo was an exhibition match.
Jess beat Dennis Silver in his last fight back in April. Jess was born in France, but trains in England... I am sure he will be considered the home town boy, anyway Jess' 10-9 record is peppered with wins via KO and submission. He has also been knocked out and submitted.

This is a tough decision as it is obvious that Jess has more experience, and has been fighting more frequently. However Anthony has fought in some decent events (UFC and ICON and Superbrawl). I want to say that Anthony has the advantage on the ground, but I have nothing to back that up. I just feel it will be Anthony by decision.Gleison Tibau Vs. Terry Etim
Gleison is running a two fight win streak in the UFC, one a decision win over Jason Dent, then a triangle choke win over Jeff Cox. Gleison fights out of ATT, but got his BJJ Black Belt at Nova Uniao. He is very solid on the ground, and wins only by decision or by submission.
Terry beat Donald Grice by Guillotine Choke back in the April UFC. Terry is also known as a submission expert winning all but one of his 10 wins by submission. He won the other one by KO. He has no losses.
This fight will go to the ground where Gleison will have some, but not much trouble in finishing Terry. Terry has an aggressive style that will play right in to Gleison's strengths. Gleison by RNC first round.Marcus Davis Vs. Paul Taylor
Marcus Davis 4-0 in the Octagon and 9-0 over all after losing to Melvin Guillard back in November of '05. Marcus is a boxer who has been very good on the ground winning 5 of his last 9 by submission. You could conceder Marcus a reborn fighter after he said that he would retire after being beaten by Joe Stephenson on TUF.
Paul Taylor knocked out Ediberto Crocota in April to secure his first and only win in the UFC. Taylor has only two losses both by submission, but he has eight wins with a nice mix of KOs and subs.
Taylor is from England, so you know who the crowd will be for. I think that by far Davis trans with the better team (MFS) and has fought the tougher opponents. Taylor is a guy who has never fought outside of England, and really has not faced anybody of Davis' quality. Davis by KO second round.Tomas Drwal Vs. Thiago Silva
Drwal is a German fighter who will be making his debut in the UFC. I know next to nothing about him... He has a record of 11-1, with most of his wins coming by KO.
Thiago Silva is undefeated in MMA, with eleven wins to his name. His last fight was an interesting affair... He won by KO due to a James Irvin knee injury. He has won most of his fights by KO, with the lone stand out being by heel hook. He currently fights out of Chute Boxe Brazil.
Drwal is not going to know what hit him. Silva will come at him like the son of Wand Silva and smash smash smash until Drwal is no more. Silva by KO first round.Houston Alexander Vs. Alessio Sakara
Omaha native Houston Alexander is back in the UFC after his brutal KO of Keith Jardine. Houston has bricks in his hands and he throws them fast and hard. He has a record of 11-2.
Alessio Sakara has been hot and cold in the UFC. Beating Elvis Sinosic by decision, then loosing to Dean Lister (triangle choke) and Drew McFedries (KO), then coming back to beat Victor Valimaki by KO. Alessio is known for not a lot of ground game, but very strong pin point boxing.
I think that Houston is out classed here. If Sakara can keep Houston away with jabs and sprawls, then he will shut Houston down in the second round. Sakara by KO second round.Mirko Cro Cop Vs. Cheick Kongo
CroCop is coming back after a brutal head kick KO loss to Gabe Gonzaga. CroCop said that he was caught by surprise by the elbows on the ground in that fight. Understandable. All his previous fights save one did not allow elbows on the ground. And Eddie Sanchez got no where near CroCop to catch him with an elbow.
Cheick Kongo is known for his very sharp kickboxing skills, and almost non existent ground skills. Cheick won his last fight in the UFC beating Assuerio Silva by Majority Decision.
This should be a match made in heaven for CroCop... Here is a guy who will stand and trade with him, with no thought to the ground game. CroCop should win this one. CroCop by KO head kick second round.Matt Hamill Vs. Michael Bisping
Deaf fighter Matt Hamill has done quite well in the UFC knocking out Jesse Forbes, beating Seth Petruzelli by decision, then knocking out Rex Holman. Matt is a very good wrestler, with very bad stand up... I should say unorthodox stand up, because Matt always seems to get it done standing up. On TUF Matt was known for huge takedowns and peanut butter sandwiches.
Mike Bisping is the best fighter in England. Period. End of story. He is undefeated at 13-0, and not one of his opponents has made it to the final bell. Every fight has ended in a KO or a submission.
This is a fight that should have happened on TUF, but Matt's injuries forced him out of the competition prematurely. Bisping was worried that Matt would get the takedown, then lay and pray to victory. This is a very real concern. If I am Matt, I would do just that. Bisping is better at submissions, and better standing up. The only advantage Matt has is in the wrestling category. I don't think that it will happen though. I think that Bisping is good enough to avoid the shot and take Matt out with strikes. Mike Bisping by KO third round.Quinton Jackson Vs. Dan Henderson
Rampage took out Chuck by KO to win the Light Heavyweight title. You all know who Rampage is... I don't really have to introduce him. He is currently 25-6.
Dan Henderson knocked out Wand Silva to take the now defunct PRIDE Middleweight title. Before that Dan was already the PRIDE Welterweight title holder. Dan does not like to cut weight, so he likes 205 better, even though he will not weigh in over 195 lbs. Dan is a very good wrestler, he competed in the Olympics for the USA in wrestling, with a HUGE right hand. Dan's game now a days is to simply set up that big right hand. Dan's record is 22-5.
Size: Rampage Expernece: Push Wrestleing: Dan Submissions: Rampage (yes Rampage) Power: Dan. This one is extremely tough. Dan is so good that he could catch Rampage with that big right hand and end the fight. I think that the only way to beat Dan Henderson is to submit him, and I don't think that Rampage wants to or can do that. Henderson by decision.

Castro: Clinton and Obama Are My Kind of People

Nearly dead dictator and brutal murderer of thousands of his countrymen, Fidel Castro endorsed Clinton and Obama as the "unbeatable ticket."

I am very sure that this ticket will be the choice of all of the world's dictators, terrorists, and those who wish to see the U.S. weakened, since that is exactly the platform that these two are running on.

Back when Americans cared about freedom, one party did not go around collecting the endorsements of communist dictators. Now, since their policies are so similar, it is common place.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

UFC 74 Recap

Clay Guida def Marcus Aurelio Decision (split)
My Pick: Aurelio by decision.
Big surprise here. Aurelio is usually very strong.

Thales Leites def Ryan Jensen Submission (Armbar) 3:47 rnd 1
My Pick: Jensen by decision!!!!!!
Ryan looked good up until he got taken down. Joe Silva said that Ryan will be fighting again soon.

Frank Mir def Antoni Hardonk Submission (Kimura) 1:17 rnd 1
My Pick: Frank by armbar first round.
No surprise.

Renato Sobral def David Heath Submission (Anaconda choke) 3:30 rnd 2
My Pick: Babalu wins this one by triangle choke second round.
Babalu gets his win bonus held back by the athletic commission, because he held on to the choke after Heath tapped. And after the ref told Babalu to let him go... And after the ref pulled with all of his might to get Babalu to let go...

Patrick Cote def Kendall Grove TKO (Strikes) 4:45 rnd 1
My Pick: Patrick by decision.
Cote gets his first finish in the UFC. I would like to see Kendall vs Jensen next!!!

Joe Stevenson def Kurt Pellegrino Decision
My Pick: Joe by KO first round
Kurt looked really good in this fight. It was, I think, the fight of the night. Lots of action, lots of sub attempts, lots of fun.

Roger Huerta def Alberto Crane TKO (Strikes) 1:50 rnd 3
My Pick: Huerta by KO third round
Perfect pick for me. Crane is a machine, but Huerta simply out physicaled him. Crane gassed in the second round, but Huerta looked like he could go another 15 rounds. Mad props to Huerta's training. I wonder what he does...

Georges St. Pierre def Josh Koscheck Decision
My Pick: GSP by G&P KO second round.
Kos held on for a decision, but got schooled.

Randy Couture def Gabriel Gonzaga TKO (Strikes) 1:37 rnd 3
My Pick: Gabe by KO first round
I honestly think that Gabe needs a rematch. Randy is great, but that broken nose took all of the fight out of Gabe. Nog vs Randy next!!!

I go 6 for 9.

Friday, August 24, 2007

UFC 74 Respect Weigh Ins

Everybody made weight!

Gabriel Gonzaga (252) vs Randy Couture (228.5)

Josh Koscheck (170) vs Georges St-Pierre (170)
Joe Stevenson (155) vs Kurt Pellegrino (155)
Kendall Grove (184) vs Patrick Cote (184.5)
Alberto Crane (155) vs Roger Huerta (155)

David Heath (205) vs Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral (204)
Frank Mir (255) vs Antoni Hardonk (244)
Thales Leites (186) vs Ryan Jensen (185)
Marcus Aurelio (155) vs Clay Guida (155)

Randy Training With Wanderlei Silva

Randy gets serious, and Wanderlei Silva starts with his new team. Silva could not have chosen a better team to train for the UFC with.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

UFC 74 Respect

Card and My Picks:

Clay Guida Vs. Marcus Aurelio (Lightweight)

Clay is coming off double decision losses to Din Thomas and Tyson Griffin. Clay is an ultra exciting fighter to watch as his style resembles the Tasmanian Devil after he has had a few too many cups of coffee. Clay is just everywhere during his fights. He is known for good ground skill, awesome submission defenses and cardio for days.

Marcus Aurelio trains out of ATT, and is a submission machine. He shocked the universe by catching Takanori Gomi, then the most indestructible man in Bushido, with an arm triangle choke. He then dropped two consecutive fights by decision, first to Mitsuhiro Ishida, the next to Gomi. Aurelio is almost purely a BJJ fighter. He wins by decision or by submission, his KOs are the exception, not the rule. He is, like so many of the fighters out of ATT, a BJJ black belt.

This is an interesting matchup. Guida was nearly finished by Justin James, held off ATT fighter and BJJ black belt Din Thomas. He showed durability in his fight with Griffin. Aurelio is so hot and cold he could create his own weather patters. When he is hot, he finishes the greatest fighters in the game, when he is cold, he gets beat by guys like Antonio McKee. Guida will go out there with his typical style, and give Aurelio fits. Aurelio will try to slow the fight down, or wait for Guida to tire. If he waits for Guida to tire, he will loose a decision. If he plays the game as Din did in the last two rounds of their fight slow, controlled, good use of the jab, and aggressively working for and keeping top position on the ground, Aurelio should win the decision win. Aurelio by decision.

Frank Mir Vs. Antoni Hardonk (Heavyweight)

Frank Mir is fat. He sometimes gets submissions on guys who really do not know how to defend submissions.

Hardonk is a kickboxer with a little bit of wrestling skill. He likes to kick people's legs.

This fight is made for Mir to win. The UFC is feeding him a kickboxer to try and see if he can get his game on. Hardonk did horribly against Justin McCully, a BJJ guy with great takedowns. Frank has ok takedowns and should be able to get Hardonk on the ground. Frank is definitely a better sub guy than McCully, so he should win this fight by submission. The question is: Has Hardonk worked on his takedown defense? Hardonk has killer leg kicks, and could easily bust up the leg Frank injured in his motorcycle accident. Very tough call... As this is Frank's last chance in the UFC I would guess that he has trained more than normal, so I go with Frank by armbar first round.

Renato Sobral Vs. David Heath (Light Heavyweight)

Babalu lost his last fight by highlight reel KO to Jason Lambert back in March... they are still picking his teeth out of the Nationwide Arena in Ohio. He is back and ready of this fight! Bablu is known as a submission guy, and rightly so. He trains out of Gracie-Barra Rio, and has 14 of his 27 wins by submission.

Heath lost his last fight as well, dropping a decision to Lyoto Machida. To be honest... the guy has fought three times in the UFC, and I still don't know anything about him. He has a good record of 9-2, but has not really fought anybody notable.

I think Babalu wins this one by triangle choke second round.

Ryan Jensen Vs. Thales Leites (Middleweight)

Ryan Jensen is fresh off of his triangle choke win over UFC vet Curtis Stout in May. Ryan trains in Omaha with my team at Mid-America Martial Arts, but he is managed by Matt Lindland, and decided to do his training camp with Team Quest. I got to spar with Ryan just before he left, and he looked as sharp as ever. Ryan has good kickboxing skills and very good positioning skills on the ground. Of all of the fighters at MAMA that have had their shot in the UFC, I think that Ryan is the most likely the one to do the best.

Thales Leites took this fight after Travis Lutter pulled out after hurting his back. Leites has had time for a full training camp, we heard about the situation before Ryan left for Oregon. Leites is a BJJ black belt and trains with one of the best BJJ teams in Brazil, Nova Uniao. Seven of his 11 wins come by submission, of those 4 are arm triangle chokes.

Ryan certainly has his work cut out for him. If I had to choose who to fight between Lutter and Leites, I would have chosen Lutter. Leites has an aggressive ground attack, and a good strong kickboxing background. Ryan tends to be a little loosey-goosey in the clinch, even I have taken him down from there. Ryan will need to fight Leites like Martin Kampmann did, keep the fight standing and make good use of his jab.

Jensen by decision!!!!!!

Patrick Cote Vs. Kendall Grove (Middleweight)

Cote finally caught a break in his last UFC fight, beating Scott Smith by decision. He then went north to knock out Jason Day in TKO. We know Patrick. He has a good ground game, but does not really like to go for submissions. He has a good stand up game, but does not really go for the KO. Patrick is good, but not great. He fights well, but not well enough.

Kendall Grove won his last fight by D'Arce choke over Alan Belcher. Kendall has a good ground game, who can pull some interesting submissions out of his bag of tricks. He also has a decent stand up game, as Kendal Grove found out on TUF.

This looks to be an unexciting back and forth battle, with little offence. Kendall does not have Travis Lutter's ground skill, and Cote does not have Hector Ramirez or Joe Rigg's KO power. Patrick by decision.

Kurt Pellegrino Vs. Joe Stevenson (Lightweight)

Kurt won his last fight over the hapless Nate Mohr by a very nasty ankle lock, putting Batman at 14-2. Kurt is very well known as a submission guy, with 8 wins by submission, and his two KOs from GP from position. Kurt has a lot of sneaky submissions that he slaps on very quickly. Kurt trains with Hermes Franca at The Armory.

Joe Stevenson, out of Marc Lamion's Cobra Kai dojo, is also a submission guy, winning his last fight over the coked up Melvin Gulliard by guillotine. Joe is known for a very powerful submission game supplemented by strong G&P. Joe is 28-6.

I think that Kurt is out of his element here. Joe knows the ground game very well, will be bigger and stronger than Kurt, and will have a better stand up game. I don't know why the UFC wanted this fight, it has mismatch written all over it. Joe by KO first round.

Josh Koscheck Vs. Georges St-Pierre (Welterweight)

Kos is riding high after his decision win over Diego Sanchez. Kos is a very very good wrestler. He has excellent takedowns and steady, but not especially powerful G&P. His team, the excellent AKA, has given him a very strong stand up game to round him out.

GSP suffered the greatest loss of his young career in his last fight, loosing by KO to Matt Serra. GSP is well known for his powerful stand up, and his sharp ground game. What became apparent in his fight against Sean Sherk (KO win) was that GSP has serious wrestling skills. He sprawls better than anyone I have seen in the game, including Chuck Liddell. Despite all his considerable talent, we are now seeing that GSP has mental problems that cost him dearly in the Serra fight and in his first fight with Matt Hughes. When he has his head together, no one can touch him.

I think that Koscheck will have his attitude seriously adjusted in this fight. GSP stuffed every wrestler that has come at him. He knocked out Matt Hughes. He choked out Frank Trigg. He pounded out Sean Sherk. He decimated Jason Miller. Koscheck's game is no different, and nothing that GSP has not dealt with in the past. GSP by G&P KO second round.

Roger Huerta Vs. Alberto Crane (Lightweight)

I don't think you can call it an official UFC event if Rodger Huerta is not on the card. The SI cover model knocked out Douglas Evans back in June at the TUF final. Rodger has been training with Dave Mene out of Minneapolis. Rodger is your quintessential MMA fighter... He has excellent stand up, knocking out several opponents, and a very strong ground game, submitting many opponents. He is a well rounded eclectic fighter.

Crane is your typical BJJ fighter, winning all but one of his fights, a split decision win over Javi Vazquez, by some sort of submission. Crane has a perfect 8-0 record. Crane's ability on the ground is stunning. He finds chokes and locks out of seemingly nowhere. This is the Santa Fe BJJ fighter's first fight in the UFC.

Very fun fight. Huerta will try to keep this fight standing, while Crane will be busy trying getting it on to the ground. Both will be successful, and we will get to see a pitched battle with everything that makes MMA fun to watch. Huerta by KO third round.

Randy Couture Vs. Gabriel Gonzaga (Heavyweight)

Randy just had the fight of his career dismantling a lumbering and hapless Tim Sylvia. Randy is known for his dirty boxing, clinch work and G&P. While Randy has never been known as a KO artist or a submission guy he has wins by both methods. Randy really chooses to take you down and pound on you until the ref or you decide to make him stop.

Gabe Gonzaga has been on a non stop KO and submission train ever since his lack luster, but spectacular finishing first fight in the UFC over Kevin Jordan. His last fight was the incredible Cro-Copping of... well Cro-Cop. Before that he had a text book armbar on Carmelo Marrero, before that he KOed Fabiano Scherner. His combination of heavy hands and quick submissions have marked him as a future belt holder.

I like Randy, but he does not do well against big BJJ guys who can hit hard. He folded against Ricco Rodriguez, he was KOed by Josh Barnett, he tapped to Valentijn Overeem, and Enson Inoue. In all instances he could not impose his will, and got caught. Gabe is a stronger, more experienced, and more dangerous version of Barnett and Rodriguez. Gabe by KO first round.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Heaven on Earth

This is the greatest place on Earth...

Spruce Creek, just south of Daytona Beach Florida. Sun, sand, golf, airplanes and MMA. Florida has the Armory, ATT, and several other schools near by Daytona Beach.
Here is the runway on final, with a view of one of the golf course holes.

Houses there are as expensive as you would think they would be. Here is a little number for $950K, with a hanger. It also has an indoor heated pool.

This one is more like it at $640K.

It has a more manageable outdoor pool. I wonder if the Bonanza comes with it...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

WTF? Russian Bomber Intercepted off Guam

A Russian bomber was intercepted outside of Guam on Wednesday... WTF? Is Putin looking for another Cold War? I know the Russian economy is doing well, but holy crap, do we have to start looking for "Bear," and "BlackJack" bombers off our coasts again? I remember the times when they would cross over the Bering Straight and our guys would intercept them and there would be all kinds of yelling back and forth. I don't want to go back to that...

I say we do some flybys of our own... maybe a flight of B-2s buzzing the Kremlin or something.;_ylt=AlOI6ObaSaEM7UTNmmefUNTmWMcF


I am a big fan of Stephen Hunter's Point of Impact. I though that the movie baised on his book wold kick and equal amount of ass. I was wrong.

  • They changed the war in which Bob Lee Swagger fought. I don't have a problem with this. Get an actor who can run, and fight. An actor that would have been 20 in the Vietnam era would draw the wrong demographic to an action movie.
  • Donnie and Bob did not fight a battle that would have got them recognized by the Marines. This is a major theme in the books. Bob feels that the Marines abandoned him, yet all of the modern Marines worship him for what he did. Bob has a hard time dealing with this, and is an interesting point in the books.
  • They removed the "Sniper War" aspect of Donnie's killing and Bob's maiming. It is this that draws him deeper in to the plot.
  • When a bullet hits something as solid as a stew can, it is going to flatten out, and will be unusable a second time. Because the movie did not go in to the "Accutech" part of the book, understandable as the movie can't be 4 hours long, we don't get a good feel for how the bad guys recover Bob's bullet. In the book they had Bob on a shooting range and recovered his bullets from a sand trap behind the targets.
  • Because they don't go in to the "Accutech" part of the book, Nick Memphis is portrayed as a bumbling, nobody, rookie agent, instead of the seasoned, smart, former sniper that he is.
  • I hate hate hate that they ignored the part of the book where Bob gets himself "killed" trying to bury his dog. This is a vital part of the book that allows Bob to walk around freely, and a neat part of the book where we learn how careful, smart, and good Bob is.
  • I like the fact that they left in the part where Nick is about to be forced to kill himself, and Bob saves him. That was a nicely done scene.
  • I hated how they did the shoot out on the hill scene. In the book Bob did not have any explosives, or mines to help him out. He took out the entire squad himself... with a bolt action rifle.
  • In the book, the bad guys take Memphis and Bob on a wild goose chase through the Arkansas back woods on the first day of hunting season, where Bob outsmarts them and kills both of them. The revenge at the cabin in the movie made Bob look simply like a killer, not a soldier who only kills when he has to like in the book.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Dane Cook - Heist Monkey

Golden Eagles are Awesome

It just took down a freaking deer!!!

Romney Defends Health Care Plan

Here is a video of an overweight, underachieving woman asking a politician what the government can do for her...

This kind of thing makes me ill. A this woman does not realize that she is a product of the decisions she has made in life. She is making no effort to better herself, in any way shape or form. Instead, she looks to government to solve her problems. She will not like Romney's program, because it forces the citizen to choose, and pay for private health care. She would much rather have the Democrat's solution of government owned health care. She would not have any choices, and that is what she wants.

I just want to be free, but with the majority of Americans out there screaming for a federal take over of everything my dream of freedom fades.

Where Do Taxes Come From?

The Energy Bill is being held up in the House. Why? Because of a fight about extra taxes on Oil Company profits...

I am not sure about what these extra taxes are trying to solve. The philosophy of the Democrats is that if we tax big profits, the business will have incentives to not make so much money, and, in the case of the Oil Companies, charge less for gasoline... But in reality this is what happens...

Companies, all companies, must make money in order to stay in business. Not only must they make money, but they must make enough money so that they can pay the owners of the company, the stock holders, enough so that other people will invest in the company allowing it to grow and continue to make money. That is what companies have to do in order to survive. If they do not make enough money to attract investors, other companies who DO make enough money will take over their market share and drive them out of business.

So, when companies are selling their product they must charge enough to cover their expenses. What are taxes on profits? EXPENSES!! All companies see money that they are charged in taxes as expenses. Overhead. What do they do to compensate for this expense? Raise the price of their product to off set the loss incurred by the expense. Who ends up paying for the company's tax expense? The consumer. The one who buys the product. In other words, you and me.

We pay taxes on the things we buy (sales tax), we pay our federal income tax, and we pay our state income tax (even if your state does not have income tax you still pay for your state's expenditures via a sales tax), if you own property (your house, your car, your moped) you also pay property tax. On top of all of this, we also pay every single company's tax burden. This is economic fact.

This tax on the profits of Oil Companies will be seen by them as simply another expense and the cost will be passed on to you and I. This tax will end up costing us more for a gallon of gasoline.... While we are on the subject, how much do the Oil Companies make per gallon of gas? $0.05. That's it. How much do we pay in taxes on a gallon of gas? $0.42 on average across the U.S. The rest is the cost of the gasoline. Who is really making the money here?

If the government really wanted to reduce how much we pay for gas, they could cut the taxes on it.

Learn more about taxes by clicking on the FairTax link.
Oil Company Profits:
Gas Taxes:

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Should the U.S. Be the Strongest?

The only moral way to fight a war, is to fight to win.

There is nothing moral about war. When people come to blows it means that their intellect can no longer support their arguments, and they must use physical means to win the argument. Let us accept this.

Nations can do what ever they feel like doing. There is no international law. If you are a strong nation, you can do more than a weak nation. With no way to enforce laws, there can be no law. Let us accept this.

If we look at the facts, not the rhetoric, The United States of America is the most benevolent power the world has ever seen. After abandoning our imperialist ways in the early 20th century we have made no move to expand our territory by force. We gave up all of the land that we conquered in World War II, and in our other military excursions since then. Japan governs itself. The Philippines govern themselves. Germany governs itself. North Africa governs itself. Korea governs itself. Panama governs itself. Iraq governs itself. These nations we conquered. We could have simply called them our own, as nations have been doing for centuries before the U.S. showed up. We chose not to. Let us accept this.

The U.S. is a flawed nation. Nobody is perfect. No system is perfect. We have our problems. Let us accept this.

After accepting all of the above, ask yourself, what nation should be the ultimate power on Earth? Should the U.S. simply stop its weapons research cut its defence spending back to what other nations spend, and let everybody else catch up?

I say no. I say that the great stability that we see in the world today is because the U.S. is the strongest. Make no mistake, human nature has not changed in the last century. Many nations would like nothing better than to march across the world taking it all as their own. Only the threat of the U.S. prevents them. With out that threat the world falls back in to its pre-WWI phase of warring nations.