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UFC 75 Champion vs Champion September 8th

A free UFC with a PPV level card comes at us from the O2 Arena in London.

Naoyuki Kotani Vs. Dennis Siver
Naoyuki lost his first fight in the UFC by decision to Thiago Tavares. Not a bad guy to loose to. Like most Japanese fighters Kotani is a submission guy, only one of his 17 wins comes by KO. The telling stat is that his 4 of his 6 losses come by KO.
Dennis also lost his first fight in the UFC. His loss came by a Jess Liaudin armbar. Dennis too is a ground fighter winning most of his fights by submission. He has a few KO wins to his record as well. He is 10-4
Kotani looses by KO a lot, but Silver looses by sub a lot... actually he has never lost by any other method. He has always tapped out. I think that Kotani has the better fighters in his record, combined with the fact that most Japanese fighters are ground based, he is the better ground fighter. Kotani by RNC second round.Anthony Torres Vs. Jess Liaudin
Anthony has kind of been off of the map since his TUF days. He last fought over a year ago beating Pat Healy by RNC. Antony was eliminated off of season two by Luke Cummo via decision. Antony is known as a ground guy, but has two of his five wins by KO. He has no professional losses, as the fight with Cummo was an exhibition match.
Jess beat Dennis Silver in his last fight back in April. Jess was born in France, but trains in England... I am sure he will be considered the home town boy, anyway Jess' 10-9 record is peppered with wins via KO and submission. He has also been knocked out and submitted.

This is a tough decision as it is obvious that Jess has more experience, and has been fighting more frequently. However Anthony has fought in some decent events (UFC and ICON and Superbrawl). I want to say that Anthony has the advantage on the ground, but I have nothing to back that up. I just feel it will be Anthony by decision.Gleison Tibau Vs. Terry Etim
Gleison is running a two fight win streak in the UFC, one a decision win over Jason Dent, then a triangle choke win over Jeff Cox. Gleison fights out of ATT, but got his BJJ Black Belt at Nova Uniao. He is very solid on the ground, and wins only by decision or by submission.
Terry beat Donald Grice by Guillotine Choke back in the April UFC. Terry is also known as a submission expert winning all but one of his 10 wins by submission. He won the other one by KO. He has no losses.
This fight will go to the ground where Gleison will have some, but not much trouble in finishing Terry. Terry has an aggressive style that will play right in to Gleison's strengths. Gleison by RNC first round.Marcus Davis Vs. Paul Taylor
Marcus Davis 4-0 in the Octagon and 9-0 over all after losing to Melvin Guillard back in November of '05. Marcus is a boxer who has been very good on the ground winning 5 of his last 9 by submission. You could conceder Marcus a reborn fighter after he said that he would retire after being beaten by Joe Stephenson on TUF.
Paul Taylor knocked out Ediberto Crocota in April to secure his first and only win in the UFC. Taylor has only two losses both by submission, but he has eight wins with a nice mix of KOs and subs.
Taylor is from England, so you know who the crowd will be for. I think that by far Davis trans with the better team (MFS) and has fought the tougher opponents. Taylor is a guy who has never fought outside of England, and really has not faced anybody of Davis' quality. Davis by KO second round.Tomas Drwal Vs. Thiago Silva
Drwal is a German fighter who will be making his debut in the UFC. I know next to nothing about him... He has a record of 11-1, with most of his wins coming by KO.
Thiago Silva is undefeated in MMA, with eleven wins to his name. His last fight was an interesting affair... He won by KO due to a James Irvin knee injury. He has won most of his fights by KO, with the lone stand out being by heel hook. He currently fights out of Chute Boxe Brazil.
Drwal is not going to know what hit him. Silva will come at him like the son of Wand Silva and smash smash smash until Drwal is no more. Silva by KO first round.Houston Alexander Vs. Alessio Sakara
Omaha native Houston Alexander is back in the UFC after his brutal KO of Keith Jardine. Houston has bricks in his hands and he throws them fast and hard. He has a record of 11-2.
Alessio Sakara has been hot and cold in the UFC. Beating Elvis Sinosic by decision, then loosing to Dean Lister (triangle choke) and Drew McFedries (KO), then coming back to beat Victor Valimaki by KO. Alessio is known for not a lot of ground game, but very strong pin point boxing.
I think that Houston is out classed here. If Sakara can keep Houston away with jabs and sprawls, then he will shut Houston down in the second round. Sakara by KO second round.Mirko Cro Cop Vs. Cheick Kongo
CroCop is coming back after a brutal head kick KO loss to Gabe Gonzaga. CroCop said that he was caught by surprise by the elbows on the ground in that fight. Understandable. All his previous fights save one did not allow elbows on the ground. And Eddie Sanchez got no where near CroCop to catch him with an elbow.
Cheick Kongo is known for his very sharp kickboxing skills, and almost non existent ground skills. Cheick won his last fight in the UFC beating Assuerio Silva by Majority Decision.
This should be a match made in heaven for CroCop... Here is a guy who will stand and trade with him, with no thought to the ground game. CroCop should win this one. CroCop by KO head kick second round.Matt Hamill Vs. Michael Bisping
Deaf fighter Matt Hamill has done quite well in the UFC knocking out Jesse Forbes, beating Seth Petruzelli by decision, then knocking out Rex Holman. Matt is a very good wrestler, with very bad stand up... I should say unorthodox stand up, because Matt always seems to get it done standing up. On TUF Matt was known for huge takedowns and peanut butter sandwiches.
Mike Bisping is the best fighter in England. Period. End of story. He is undefeated at 13-0, and not one of his opponents has made it to the final bell. Every fight has ended in a KO or a submission.
This is a fight that should have happened on TUF, but Matt's injuries forced him out of the competition prematurely. Bisping was worried that Matt would get the takedown, then lay and pray to victory. This is a very real concern. If I am Matt, I would do just that. Bisping is better at submissions, and better standing up. The only advantage Matt has is in the wrestling category. I don't think that it will happen though. I think that Bisping is good enough to avoid the shot and take Matt out with strikes. Mike Bisping by KO third round.Quinton Jackson Vs. Dan Henderson
Rampage took out Chuck by KO to win the Light Heavyweight title. You all know who Rampage is... I don't really have to introduce him. He is currently 25-6.
Dan Henderson knocked out Wand Silva to take the now defunct PRIDE Middleweight title. Before that Dan was already the PRIDE Welterweight title holder. Dan does not like to cut weight, so he likes 205 better, even though he will not weigh in over 195 lbs. Dan is a very good wrestler, he competed in the Olympics for the USA in wrestling, with a HUGE right hand. Dan's game now a days is to simply set up that big right hand. Dan's record is 22-5.
Size: Rampage Expernece: Push Wrestleing: Dan Submissions: Rampage (yes Rampage) Power: Dan. This one is extremely tough. Dan is so good that he could catch Rampage with that big right hand and end the fight. I think that the only way to beat Dan Henderson is to submit him, and I don't think that Rampage wants to or can do that. Henderson by decision.

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