Friday, May 24, 2013

When Seconds Count, the Police Are Only Minutes Away!

Read this first!!!

There are a couple different ways that you could look at this particular story. If you are relying on the police to save you... You are in for a bad time.

You could look at this story from a point of view typically held by Democrats, and say, that if the government had more money, there would be more cops, and therefore the dispatcher could send someone to help.

We could look at this story from the point of view typically held by Republicans and say that the cuts made by the county could have been made in other areas, away from police, and the dispatcher could have sent someone to help.

Unfortunately... The man was breaking in as the person was making the call, so from call to dispatch, to response that is anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes. A lot can happen in 5 to 30 minutes. Meanwhile a woman is being beaten and possibly killed.
In both cases more money for police, or funds removed from other services, would not have helped this woman.

What would have helped this woman? Evil guns. She knew which door the man was attempting to break in through. She had ample time to find a defensible position. She had ample time to set up her defensible position with reloads, and to position herself under cover and prepare to fire. When the man broke in... Blam.

Guns are not the solution to every problem. But in the case of a deranged, drugged up, drunk, or simply determined home invader, they are a big part of the solution. The number one rule in defending yourself with a gun, is to HAVE A GUN. It is tragic that this woman, sitting defenseless in her home, had to go through this attack. She didn't have to. She relied on the state to protect her. The state has no such obligation. Even Vice President's asinine Shotgun purchasing advice would have helped this woman.

Be safe... Be armed.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Acoustic Joe

Joe said that he has always been afraid of playing acoustic guitar, because it is so unforgiving. Afraid or no, he nails this version of Jockey Full of Bourbon.

I bought this entire performance at the Vienna Opera House. It is awesome. I thought I would miss Joe's long solos and electric guitar mastery. He more than makes up for it with just a strong musical performance.