Wednesday, January 30, 2008

McCain Wins Florida

John McCain is now the front runner in the Republican race. The man who sided with Ted Kennedy on the Amnesty for Illegal Aliens is the front runner. The man whose name is on the law that is single biggest knock against the First Amendment is now the front runner.

There is now a very real possibility that McCain will be the nominee. Our choice will be between the far left and just the left for President.

I will be left with the very real possibility that I will not be able to vote for anyone in the coming election. I can not vote for the out and out Communists that make up the Democrat Party. I can not vote for the man who has effectively whipped his butt with the Bill of Rights. I can not vote for the Libertarians who inexplicably would simply surrender in the War on Terror.

If the conservatives win, the left can always move to France or some place in Europe where Socialism is the norm. Where can someone who loves Freedom go? Only here. If we loose here, the world is doomed, and only bloody revolution can bring freedom home.

Stimulus Package

Poor people are poor. That means that they have very little money. If they have very little money, they can't buy things. If they have very little money, they do not pay taxes. So why does the stimulus package, that is supposed to give taxpayers back money they have given to the Government, hand out money to people who did not give it over in the first place?

If given money poor tend to make bad choices, see the whole sub-prime (sub-prime is just a nice way of saying poor) mess, Hurricane Katrina relief (remember the $2K credit cards that were used for alcohol, drugs, and strippers?), the entire welfare state (so if I have a baby, the father does not live with me, AND I don't work you will give me money?), etc, etc, ETC. Why are we handing these people more undeserved money?

"Rich" people (read those who make over $150K a year) make up 40% of the economy (Source). They also pay those poor people extra if they do their jobs well (in the form of tips, raises, and other benefits). Therefore, why oh why are we trying to stimulate the economy by giving the POOR a greater share of the money?

The truth is that the rich are the economic engine of the world. Need proof? How many times have you gotten a job from a poor person? None? Thought so. The rich are those that make good money decisions, and therefore have disposable income. With that disposable income they go out to dinner, buy cars, build houses, grow businesses, and buy all the stuff that keep the "working man" in bubble gum and Budweiser.

With the Democrats in the House and Senate, the KNOW that their base is the uneducated rich hating poor. So they will buy their votes by giving them handouts, keeping the poor more reliant on the Government, therefore more reliant on the Democrats.

Our march towards Socialism rolls along.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

UFC 80 Recap

Sam Stout def Per Eklund Decision
My Pick: Sam by KO first round
Per did better than I thought...

Alessio Sakara def James Lee TKO (Strikes) 1:30 rnd 1
My Pick: I think James wins by heel hook, cause I like the cut of his jib!!!!
The cut of his jib isn't enough...

Paul Kelly def Paul Taylor Decision
My Pick: Taylor by decision
Getting my ass kicked now...

Antoni Hardonk def Colin Robinson TKO (Strikes) 0:17 rnd 1
My Pick: Hardonk by KO second round
That's better. Colin got KOed by a stiff left straight, and could not regain his balance. It could have been that his knee was gone, but not sure right now.

Jorge Rivera def Kendall Grove TKO (Strikes) 1:20 rnd 1
My Pick: Kendall by decision
Kendal got owned...

Wilson Gouveia def Jason Lambert KO (Punch) 0:37 rnd 2
My Pick: Jason by KO second round
Wilson pulled out a great left hook to knock Jason completely out. It was the same punch that Babalu caught him with.

Marcus Davis def Jess Liaudin KO (Punch) 1:04 rnd 1
My Pick: Marcus by armbar first round
Marcus was simply too much for Jess.

Fabricio Werdum def Gabriel Gonzaga TKO (Strikes) 4:34
My Pick: Gabe by KO first round
Gabe was working Werdum's legs, but seemed to simply give up in the second round after Werdum took his back. Very strange. Did Gabe run out of gas?

B.J. Penn Joe def Stevenson Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 4:02 rnd 2
My Pick: BJ by RNC first round.
The RNC happened in the second, not the first but that was the inevitable ending for this fight. BJ looked good, but not nearly as polished on the feet. Joe did a good job of keeping busy until the end.

I get embarrassed going 4 for 9.

Friday, January 18, 2008

What About the Cillins????

On September 13th 1994 then President (remember that President is not title that sticks with you, the only US title that is life long is Senator) William Jefferson Clinton signed the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. He did this to save the children.

In this Act was a ban on "High Capacity Magazines," i.e. any magazine that held over 10 rounds for a semi-automatic hand gun or rifle, and restricted shotguns to only three rounds in the tube.

That law was thankfully allowed to "sunset" in September of 2004. Naturally you would think that because people could now legally buy Hi-Cap Magazines, the schools would be full of dead children.

Not so. There are fewer school murders today than there were during the ban (remember that the ban did nothing to prevent the Columbine Massacre that occurred four years after the Act was signed).

Gun laws only take guns out of the people who shoot back at the bad guys.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

UFC 80

UFC has an OK card for UFC 80...

Per Eklund Vs. Sam Stout
Per what per hour? Per gallon? I really don't know much about Per... other than he is from Sweeden. He beat ATT fighter Rafael Dias at BodogFight. His biggest fight was a TKO loss in Shooto to Tatsuya Kawajiri. His record is 10-3-1, with mostly submissions and decisions for his wins.
Sam Stout has been a stand out in his native Canada's TKO organization, but has struggled in the UFC. He has a split decision win over a grossly underprepared Spencer Fisher, a RNC loss to KenFlo, and a decision loss to Spence in the rematch. His overall style is as a striker, but he has shown a good sprawl, and the ability to defend submissions and work for the stand up.
I don't think that Per has a chance. Sam by murde... I mean KO first round.

James Lee Vs. Alessio Sakara
James Lee is a submission guy out of Detroit. When I say submission I mean heel hook/ankle lock guy. Of his 11 wins, 10 are by submission of those 10, four are by heel hook or ankle lock. I like that in a fighter! His two losses also come by submission, but to A level fighters. Both Vernon White (heel hook, live by the sword...) and Dean Lister (armbar) have made James tap.
Sakara got destroyed by Houston Alexander in his last fight out. Since then he has taken up with ATT to improve his ground game. Sakara's style looks to be as close to boxing as you can get in MMA.
This is a fun match up that could have a lot of fireworks. How is James' clinch and takedown game? Has Sakara learned enough at ATT to keep the fight standing, and avoid James' killer foot locks? I think not. I think James wins by heel hook, cause I like the cut of his jib!!!!

Paul Kelly Vs. Paul Taylor
Paul Kelly has two first names. He is also 7-0 with all but two of those coming by KO, the others are submissions... ummm He is from England.
Paul Taylor on the other hand has only one first name and is 8-3, 1-1 in the UFC. His last fight was a loss to Marcus Davis by one of the sweetest armbars ever in MMA.

In case you forgot...

Anyway Taylor has trouble with the ground game and wins mostly by KO.
This should be a stand up war, IF Kelly believes that he can survive on his feet. Otherwise I think that Kelly will try to get the fight to the ground, and exploit Taylor's obvious weakness. Taylor by decision.

Antoni Hardonk Vs. Colin Robinson
Hardonk lost to Frank Mir by Kimura in his last outing; putting his UFC record at 1-2. Hardonk is a kickboxer out of Holland, and we know he has a hell of a leg kick. Just ask Sherman Pendergarst who took too many of them.
Colin Robinson lost by KO to Eddie Sanchez back in June. This put his record at 4-3. The only thing he has going for him at this point is he lives in England, and since that is where this UFC is being held, Zuffa keeps calling him back.
Hardonk should have very little problem putting away Colin. Seriously, if you can take out Sherman Pendergarst, you should be able to put away Colin Robinson, right? Hardonk by KO second round.

Jorge Rivera Vs. Kendall Grove
Jorge looked really good knocking out Edwin Dewees on the TUF 4 final... Jorge looked really bad getting knocked out by Terrible Terry Martin... Jorge is one of those guys that just cannot find a groove in the UFC. He wins a fight, then looses a fight, wins a fight then looses a fight. He is 3-4 in the UFC beating guys like Dewees, Dennis Hallman, and David Loiseau. Jorge is no slouch. He has very good submissions and solid stand up skills.
Kendal Grove in his last fight became the first person that Patrick Cote finished in the UFC. Before that he pulled of what was probably the first D'Arce choke in the UFC over Alan Belcher. Kendal has good submissions and ok kickboxing. He has heart for miles. He just does not give up.
This is going to be a really good fight. Both guys are experienced in the UFC, both are coming off of bad KO losses. Both guys know how to lock on submissions. I have a feeling that this fight will go to the ground quickly and stay there for three rounds. Very tough call. Kendall by decision.

Wilson Gouveia Vs. Jason Lambert
Gouveia is 3-1 in the UFC, loosing a decision in his debut to Kieth Jardine, but then coming back to choke out Wes Combs, Seth Petruzelli, and Carmelo Marrero. Gouveia is a serious threat on the ground. His stand up on the other hand... not so happy. He has been knocked out by Rorry Singer. While I have nothing against Rorry, he just does not carry much power in his strikes. He and Rorry now train togther at ATT.
Lambert is very experienced with 29 fights under his belt. He is 4-1 in the UFC with wins over Rob Macdonald (Kimura), Terry Martin (KO stoppage from strikes), Branden Lee Hinkle (KO stoppage from strikes), and most recently Babalu (KO nearly killed Babalu). Of all the guys to meet in the UFC, Lambert is not one that you want to step in the ring with. He will hurt you from all angles, his submissions are set up with powerful punches. He really does not like the submission game, though choosing, instead, to simply smash you after securing unshakeable position.
This is a very good fight. Gouveia will want to put this fight on the ground immediately, and Lambert will want to keep the fight standing up. ATT is a good school, but they do not do a good job of teaching the art of the takedown. Wilson will need that art badly in order to get the much stronger man, Lambert, down. I don't see it happening. Jason by KO second round.

Jess Liaudin Vs. Marcus Davis
Jess made some noise for himself knocking out the highly touted, but under performing TUF alum Anthony Torres. Jess is a Muay Thai Kickboxer who learned a little BJJ. At 11-9 his record is not stunning, but it shows that he has been in some fights. Most of Jess' wins come by KO, even one by spinning backfist.
Marcus Davis is the boxer turned submission wizard beating Forrest Petz (guillotine choke), Pete Spratt (ankle lock), and Paul Taylor(armbar). Throw in a KO win over Jason Tan and a decision victory over Shonie Carter and you have an impressive win streak. Nice to see after Marcus almost hung up the gloves after his failure to win the TUF tournament.
I don't think that Jess has anything for Marcus. I think that Jess will try to convince Marcus to bang it out with him, but he will only succeed in getting taken down after Marcus sucks in one of his kicks. Marcus by armbar first round.

Gabriel Gonzaga Vs. Fabricio Werdum
Gonzaga is coming off of a very tough KO loss to Randy Coulture that saw Randy with a broken arm, and Gabe with a destroyed nose. Gabe was on a six fight win streak before Randy stopped him. But now that Randy and the UFC are in litigation, it leaves the Heavyweight title wide open again, and Gabe is looking to use his devastating stand up and powerful ground game to secure the belt.
Werdum is a PRIDE import who stumbled on Andrei Arlovski in his UFC debut. Even though he lost that fight via decision, don't count Werdum out yet. He has victories over Ebenezer Braga (KO), Tom Erikson (RNC), Alistair Overeem (Kimura), Aleksander Emelianenko (arm triangle choke), and let's not forget Gabriel Gonzaga (KO). Beside Nog, Werdum has one of the best BJJ attacks in MMA.
Let's face it, Gonzaga wants this fight. Bad. Really bad. He has been punishing himself for years that he lost to Werdum. It was his first loss, and one that he says should have never happened. Gonzaga is a completely different fighter since he last saw Werdum. Is Werdum a different fighter? I don't think so. Gabe by KO first round.

BJ Penn Vs. Joe Stevenson
BJ destroyed Jens Pulver in his last fight. It really looked like the BJ of old was back. BJ has hands of steel, and legs of rubber. He can pull off nearly any submission, and has the ability to knock the stuffing out of anybody. His biggest draw back is his head. BJ has very little heart. If things don't go his way the whole fight, he looses heart and gives up.
Joe Stevenson, for the most part, looks like he is just happy to be here. He was cracking Star Wars jokes to Luke Cummo before the biggest fight of his life. He put away ground magician Dokonjonosuke Mishima, and made silly comments. He seems to be loving life... but what the hell was that all about during training??? Why scream that your daddy beat you while working out??? Funky. Just funky.
Joe won his last fight beating Kurt Pellegrino by decision, and before that he tapped out a coked up Melvin Gulliard in 27 seconds. Joe has skill.
Joe may have skill, but he really does not stand a chance here unless BJ knocks himself out on the way to the ring. Joe had trouble keeping Luke Cummo on the ground, and I guarantee BJ is much better on the ground. Joe had fits with Josh Neer's stand up, and I guarantee BJ would hand "The Dentist" his teeth. BJ by RNC first round.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Drug Found To Reverse Alzheimer's Symptoms!

This is an amazing story that should give hope to many that are suffering with a family member who has Alzheimer's.

This drug, Enbrel, is normally given to arthritis sufferers. It is an anti-inflammatory drug. One of the main symptoms of Alzheimer's is an inflammation of the brain. If Enbrel is injected in to the spine, it can significantly reduce that cerebral inflammation.

The effects are cognitive improvement in just a few minutes, and can last as long as a week to a month. Very awesome!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Harold Howard to the Rescue!!

If comin' *removes cheap pair of sunglasses* then COME ON!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Candidates - Their Ideology

The images are taken from the excellent site is an independent website that details politician's views based off of their public statements, and their voting record. They even point out when they contradict themselves, or when they change positions.

The ideology is taken, in essence, from the World's Smallest Political Quiz.
Take it yourself and see where you are.
First and foremost, the quiz labels me as a "Hard Core Libertarian." Just so you know where I stand.


Hilliary Clinton

Hard Core Liberal

John Edwards

Populist Leaning Liberal

Barack Obama

Hard Core Liberal


Rudy Giuliani

Libertarian Conservative

Mike Huckabee

Hard Core Conservative

John McCain

Populist Leaning Conservative

Mitt Romney

Populist Leaning Conservative

Fred Thompson

Hard Core Conservative

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Back From Skiing

The wife and I just got back from our annual ski trip. It was much too short.

We went to one of our favorite places, Winter Park, Colorado. Winter Park is one of the largest resorts, and with four mountains, features every kind of skiing you could imagine. On top of that it is one of the most economical resorts there is. A day of skiing there with Sport ski rental and hotel room only runs about $150. Cheap, when you concider that Vail will cost you nearly twice that, and don't get started on places like Aspen or Beaver Creek. Those places will run you the $150 for a night in the cheap hotels.

I don't know how other people do their ski trips. We ski untill we drop. We are on the mountain as soon as it opens untill they kick us off the slopes. The only breaks we take are a very short lunch, and time spent on the ski lifts.

My favorite runs are the very long groumed trails that start you out fast and never let up. Fortuneatly Winter Park has what I am looking for. If you plan it correctly you can start at the top of the Pason Bowl, above the tree line at 12,060 feet and not stop untill forced to at the base of Winter park at 9,000 feet. Very fun.

Top of the world, ma! Summit of the Parson Bowl, 12,060 feet, looking down on the new Perry's Peak trail.