Wednesday, January 30, 2008

McCain Wins Florida

John McCain is now the front runner in the Republican race. The man who sided with Ted Kennedy on the Amnesty for Illegal Aliens is the front runner. The man whose name is on the law that is single biggest knock against the First Amendment is now the front runner.

There is now a very real possibility that McCain will be the nominee. Our choice will be between the far left and just the left for President.

I will be left with the very real possibility that I will not be able to vote for anyone in the coming election. I can not vote for the out and out Communists that make up the Democrat Party. I can not vote for the man who has effectively whipped his butt with the Bill of Rights. I can not vote for the Libertarians who inexplicably would simply surrender in the War on Terror.

If the conservatives win, the left can always move to France or some place in Europe where Socialism is the norm. Where can someone who loves Freedom go? Only here. If we loose here, the world is doomed, and only bloody revolution can bring freedom home.

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