Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stimulus Package

Poor people are poor. That means that they have very little money. If they have very little money, they can't buy things. If they have very little money, they do not pay taxes. So why does the stimulus package, that is supposed to give taxpayers back money they have given to the Government, hand out money to people who did not give it over in the first place?

If given money poor tend to make bad choices, see the whole sub-prime (sub-prime is just a nice way of saying poor) mess, Hurricane Katrina relief (remember the $2K credit cards that were used for alcohol, drugs, and strippers?), the entire welfare state (so if I have a baby, the father does not live with me, AND I don't work you will give me money?), etc, etc, ETC. Why are we handing these people more undeserved money?

"Rich" people (read those who make over $150K a year) make up 40% of the economy (Source). They also pay those poor people extra if they do their jobs well (in the form of tips, raises, and other benefits). Therefore, why oh why are we trying to stimulate the economy by giving the POOR a greater share of the money?

The truth is that the rich are the economic engine of the world. Need proof? How many times have you gotten a job from a poor person? None? Thought so. The rich are those that make good money decisions, and therefore have disposable income. With that disposable income they go out to dinner, buy cars, build houses, grow businesses, and buy all the stuff that keep the "working man" in bubble gum and Budweiser.

With the Democrats in the House and Senate, the KNOW that their base is the uneducated rich hating poor. So they will buy their votes by giving them handouts, keeping the poor more reliant on the Government, therefore more reliant on the Democrats.

Our march towards Socialism rolls along.

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