Friday, June 26, 2009

Pain Killers = BAD

First Danny Ganz now Michael Jackson??? What is to blame?? Dilaudid.
What the hell is this stuff?? Meth? It seems like once you take it, you are hooked, and you only stop takeing it after you go in to cardiac arrest.

Only ibuprofin and asprin for me!!

Don't take it!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

What The???

Funniest picture EVER!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Trip to Rahr Brewing

Wanting to get out of the house, because we spend WAY too much time there, the wife and I took a trip to Dallas to catch a baseball game and... Check out a local microbrewery. We found on the interwebs that Rahr brewing in Ft. Worth has an open house every Saturday from 1 to 3pm. They advertise a brewery tour and beer tasting.

We thought it would be like most brewery tour/tastings. A quick walk through a brief explanation of the brewing process and a small glass of beer.

NOT SO!! You walk in to the large warehouse, and pay the $5 admission fee. From there you are given tokens for three PINTS of beer, AND a glass pint glass. All of the types of beer that Rahr brews were available. On top of this, next to the taps were little glasses that you could sample the beer before you got one.

This little brewery was packed with people. It was AWESOME!! Rarely do you see people enjoying craft beer, but to see so many of them out on a hot day to have a few was just amazing. On top of all that, the beer was very good. The IPA was a little low on the IBU scale for my tastes, but still a good brew none the less.

Then came the brewery tour. An assistant brewer gave the tour, and gave us some history on the brewery.
It turns out the founder of Rahr brewing, Wilhelm Rahr, came from Germany to start a brewery. Since there was no place to buy malt from in Wisconsin 1847, Wilhelm Rahr started his own malting company.
Things were great, the Rahrs made beer and malt for many years. The malting company soon out paced the brewing company and the Rahrs were producing malted barley for many other breweries, including one in St. Louis... That is until the nanny state stepped in. January 29, 1919 the United States ratified the 18th amendment to the Constitution, baning all alcoholic beverages in the country.
This put a bullet in the head of Rahr brewing, and many other breweries all over the country. Malted barley however was still a needed commodity, and Rahr was well positioned to supply it. The company survived.

Fast forward to 2004 the great great grandson of Willhelm Rahr, Frederick William "Fritz" Rahr, Jr., opens Rahr brewing in Fort Worth, Texas. Fritz went to collage in Fort Worth and wanted to stick around. What better way than to do what you family used to do best? Make some beer!! Fritz buys all of his malt from his family's malt company so the Rahr product is unique in that it is almost wholly created by the Rahr family.

It was a great tour, and some good beer. What more could you want?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

At The Point Of A Gun

I recently had two very similar conversations. They dealt with, at their essence, what laws are. What are laws? They are rules that must be followed under threat of violence.

It comes down to very basic human nature. To really get in to the nitty gritty read Thomas Hobbes work, particularly Leviathan.. Yes, the one where he says life is "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short", but only in a world with out Government. Also in that book is the thought that a person has a right or license to anything and everything. He goes on to say that there is no such thing as "law" in nature. "Law" only exists when one human being forces another human being to submit to his will. This ALWAYS happens under threat of violence.
Thus, any law that is created by a government is forced upon the people under threat of violence.

This is fact. Not true you say. You have eaten some bad Natto and you are hallucinating you say. Am I? Let us take for example one of the most trivial laws around, jaywalking. It is illegal nearly everywhere in the United States, yet virtually everybody does it. Why? If it is law why does no one care if they jaywalk?
Because it is a law that is NOT enforced. There is no threat of violence, thus people, who do what ever they want to do unless somebody stops them, jaywalk with impunity.

But what happens when I jaywalk in front of Robocop? Robocop, in his three prime directives, just uphold all laws. He tells me to stop. I keep walking. Robocop now must enforce the law. He must carry out the threat of violence, or intensify it, so that others will heed the law. Robocop draws his gun and says stop. I now stop because I know that Robocop will fire if I do not.

This is what laws are. Remember this when you think about trivial things that come up in daily life... Such as smoking bans. Ask yourself if you want Government agents to walk up to a smoker and force them to stop at the point of a gun.

Even better, think about Welfare. Welfare is essentially the government taking, at the point of a gun, money from one private citizen and handing it to another private citizen. If you or I were to do that, it would be called robbery for hire.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shooting At National Holocaust Museum

Horrible tragedy. James von Brunn an 88 year old deluded white supremacist decided it was time to kill some Jews and went to the Holocaust Museum. He managed to kill one uniformed security guard, before other armed guards shot him. Nice work asshole. You stole a father away from his children.

The tragedy of this event should be obvious. I am not going in to that, rather there are two significant things that I wish to discuss. First the first, and only, person to be shot was the uniformed armed security person. Second other armed people managed to stop short what would have surely been a bloodbath.

What is significant about the uniformed security guard being the only one to be shot? Many businesses and places believe that they need to disarm the people in your building (i.e. customers and employees), thinking that a uniformed armed security guard will protect them. As the events of yesterday prove, the only thing putting a uniformed armed security guard at the door does is gets you a dead uniformed, armed security guard. The lucky thing at the museum was that there were more armed men inside not at the door.
You see this time and time again. It is the security guard who is the first person to die, or get hurt in these situations. Armed, uniformed security ONLY works if you have numbers. A single person simply sits there with a bulls-eye on his chest. After crazy killer dude dispatches with the guard the others in the building are so much sheep.

This attack would have been in the history books as being one of the nation's most horrific events if other armed citizens were not there to throw bullets back at the nut job. This is how you stop an armed attack. The same situation happened in Colorado just a couple of years ago. Armed jut job walks in to a church gets his ticket punched by an armed church goer.

Will business take from this that it is good to have responsible, armed people in their buildings? Will they learn that their security guard will be the first one do drop?
No. They will proudly display their "No Weapons Allowed" signs, and have their bullet stoppers wear their goofy outfits. And, like a woman going to a two night "self defence" class, they will feel a very real, very false sense of security.

Monday, June 8, 2009

European Uni Clap

The wife and I were watching the end of the French Open, and after Roger Federer won, the crowd stated to clap in unison. The hell?? Is this common? Are the Europeans trying to crush the individual more by clapping together? What gives?

Granted I know very little of Europe other than they dial 1-800-USCOMESAVEOURASS when the bad guys come knocking, otherwise they like to call us names and look down on us. What is the deal with clapping all together?

Anybody tell me what is up with that? Is it a common thing, or just a tennis thing? WTF?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Katrina Victims Get Housing

Victims of Hurricane Katrina... I am sorry, I just cannot call them victims. They were victims back in 2006. Now they are simply freeloaders. For pity's sake, you can't find a place to live in three freaking years??? Seriously???? Really????? Three years???

These people deserve neither pity, nor do they deserve our charity. The Government should be cutting off support for them not handing more out to them.