Friday, May 29, 2009

Order Correctly!!

I had no idea there was a "blue."

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Think You Are In Shape?

Phil Baroni laughs at your lack of definition!!

Gibbs: Be Exceedingly Careful

Full quote from White House press secretary Robert Gibbs about Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court nomination:
I think it is probably important for anybody involved in this debate to be exceedingly careful with the way in which they’ve decided to describe different aspects of this impending confirmation

Wat? Is that threat? Are you, an agent of the government, scratch that, the one who speaks ex cetera for President Obama, threatening the populace about what we can and can not say about a Supreme Court nominee???
Fhat the wuck???

I tell you what Mr. Press Secretary, and I am being exceedingly careful about what I am saying here, I realize that you and your buddies are running rough shod over the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I realize that you wish to re-make the United States in to some sort of socialist paradise. I realize that you don't know the first thing about freedom and liberty. I realize that you simply want crush opposition under your jackboot. I get it.

Realize this: I will oppose you. I will speak out about this nominee, and any other nominee that you present, that does not stand up for freedom. This nominee, does not stand up for freedom. She stands for a certain part of the populace overshadowing another part of the populace. That is not freedom my friend, that is tyranny. In Sotomayor's case, she wishes that white people be oppressed. That is racism.

You cannot have two standards for racism. The definition of racism is when one race is favored over another. You either believe in that, or you are a racist. It is very very simple. Either you judge a person by the color of their skin or you don't. It is like being dead or pregnant. You are or you are not. You can't be a little bit dead, or a little bit pregnant. You either support the notion that all people have equal rights in the eyes of the law or you do not. There is no grey area here.

Choose now Obama administration. Do you want to be known as the Administration that put defenders of freedom on the bench, or do you want to be known as the Administration that put the racists back on the bench? YOU be exceedingly careful.

I got your exceedingly careful right here, pal...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In My Brain

Now it is in yours!!!!!

North Korea

North Korea dramatically restarted its nuclear program with an underground test.
North Korea test fired several missiles as well. One was a ballistic missile that could carry a nuclear warhead to Japan, and another was a surface to ship missile that could strike at Japanese, South Korean, or American ships 80 miles out to sea.

What did our President do? He said that the world needs to stand up to North Korea. What did the world do? It came to the decision to condemn the North Korean action. Wow, that is really showing them. Way to go.

Make no mistake, North Korea is doing what it is doing because they see the U.S. as weak. They will continue to prod until we send Jimmy Carter over there to negotiate more idiotic settlements... Remember when Clinton solved the North Korean problem with a Carter negotiated deal that gave them nuclear reactors? The North Koreans were just going to use the reactors to generate power. They used them to make bombs. Good job Jimmy.

Kim Jong-Il is looking to get the same kind of settlement from Obama. And you know what the silly thing is? He is going to get something just as stupid from Obama.

Why do you let a child touch a hot plate? So they learn that hot stuff is not to be touched. How do you teach a lunatic dictator how to get stuff he wants? Let him do weapons tests and shoot missiles, then give him stuff he wants.

Nut job



Idiot II?????

Lots of Thoughts

I was moving this last week so I have a bunch of thoughts that I wanted to get down, but I lost most of them... Here are the remnants:

President Obama lecturing the country about our traditions and such in front of the Constitution... I don't think that a guy who is wiping his ass with the Constitution and destroying most of our fundamental traditions and rights has the moral authority to lecture us on this subject...

My new 50 inch TV kicks ass.

Moving uber uber uber sucks.

Another case of who owns me... The Government put out a warrant for the arrest of a mother who did not want her child to get chemotherapy for a treatable cancer. I have to say that freedom involves being free to be an idiot. If you believe that you own you, then you must accept the fact that NOT getting medical attention for your self OR YOUR MINOR CHILDREN is acceptable.
Granted this brings up a conundrum... What if you believe that your God says to sodomize your child while hitting them about the head and body with a club? Are you allowed to do that? The two are just as damaging to the child, and both will undoubtedly bring about the death of the child at some point. At what point does the state observe that the rights of the child are at risk? Interesting arguments rage in my tiny brain, and I will have to think hard to sort all of it out. Most of the time I think that it comes down to the whole chronic vs acute danger.
When the person is at acute risk of death, injury and whatnot, the state must step in to protect the person. However when the condition is chronic, long term, the state must let the person decide for themselves.

Matt Serra and Matt Hughes... Serra has to go, he can't finish a fight, but Hughes can stay. One, because he is a close personal friend with whom I have had beer. Two because he finishes fights... That is he did when he fought to win and not just not to loose.

Everyone in Oklahoma calls me "baby." I guess I will have to get used to this, but I do not like people I don't know calling me "baby," "hon," or "sugar."

Kansas... seriously? You need my $7 that badly that you delay me on a federal highway? Seriously? Cut your gas tax by 1% and I bet you have revenues that make up for my $7 on I-35. Assholes.

Back to the religious mom who won't let her kid get chemotherapy for his cancer. GOD DOES NOT CARE IF YOUR CHILD DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! You stupid, ignorant, fool!!!!! Please please please if you religion says that medical treatment is bad RUN FROM THE DAMN CHURCH!!! If you believe that faith healing is good, simply attempt to shoot yourself. If God wants you to live he will stop the bullet. Go on test your faith and let the rest of us live in peace and sanity.

Back to religion in general... Why is it that people who are normally rational thinking people turn it to blithering idiots when you talk about invisible people? Why do they ignore proven fact, just because a book written thousands of years ago has some stories in it? Something can not come from nothing!!!!!!! If God created the universe you must also accept that God also created rules for the universe to operate with. The most fundamental rule is that SOMETHING CAN NOT COME FROM NOTHING!!!! Thus your fairy tale about Adam and Eve is just a cool creation story, made up by people who had no scientific background to explain the fundamental question of Why are we here? and Where did we come from? Let it go at that.

Karate Wins!!!

Wow. Machida knocks out Evans giving Karate its first UFC Champion. Wow.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Damn... I Flatter Easily

I was at BeerQuest yesterday. It is a great event put on by Lazlo's in Lincoln, NE. Lazlo's uses BeerQuest to choose their seasonals. They invite local all grain home-brewers to make a beer based on a special criteria. The winner gets to have their beer brewed as a seasonal beer. This time it was "hoppy" beers.

Anyway, after tasting all of the beers I was sitting down talking to some of the participants including the brewer who won the last BeerQuest. I had sampled his beer at BeerQuest, and then later on at the brewpub, brewed by the professional staff at Lazlo's.

I mentioned that I had sampled his beer, an Irish Export Stout, both in the pub and at BeerQuest, and he asked me if I detected any difference in the beer from when he brewed it to when the pros did it. I said that I did notice a difference. First off, he used carbon dioxide to carbonate his beer, and Lazlo's used nitrogen. That was the easy one, then I said that I thought that he had a deeper chocolate malt taste, and that I didn't taste any plumb in the Lazlo's brew. He looked at me for a second then asked:
"Are you a brewer?"

My heart skipped, and I giggled like a little school girl. Not like one of those cool schoolgirls that look like they are 25 when they are 10. We are talking giggling like a Japanese school girl talking about J-Pop stars with her friends at lunch time at school. (If you have never heard this you need to get to Japan. It is something everyone should experience before they die. These girls know how to giggle!!!!!)

It was good to hear that my tasting palate was up to snuff...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Stop It. Stop It. Stop It!!!!!

For the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster all she said was that marriage was between a man and a woman!!! And she didn't even say that well. (When stating a conviction you DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR IT!!!)

Yes Carrie Prejean is Barbie Doll hot. No, she is NOT someone that the Republicans want to make their mouthpiece. This is NOT the issue that you want to base your attempt to retake congress on in 2010. It is this kind of evangelistic crap that is going to sink any counter to the Socialists.
What needs to be focused on is the loss of freedom, the ignoring of private property rights, the disregarding of contract law, the massive spending, etc etc etc. Yet you morons parade out some bimbo who said that marriage is between a man and a woman. Awesome. Way to go.
  1. Marriage is a religious institution. The State has no place in religious institutions.
  2. Contracts are between two consenting parties. Men and men, woman and men, as long as you are sentient, you get to make a contract.
  3. In the face of the law, marriage is a contract, thus THE STATE SHOULD NOT CARE WHO ENTERS IN TO THE CONTRACT!!!!! The state should care only if the contract was made willingly and that all were in agreement to the terms of said contract.

Seriously, stop this crap. It is embarrassing. I am not a Republican, but they represent the only valid party that is currently has the power and influence to counter the Socialists' attack on freedom... Sort of.

She is hot. We will see her on Fox News, but let it stop at that. She is not Tony Snow.

Pretty face, but let it end at that.

OK, let it end at this...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Buying Stuff Is Fun

Over the past few months, I have nearly spent myself in to oblivion, and there is no end in sight. I am personally funding the economic recovery of the United States. All of you out there better start spending soon, because I don't know how long I can keep this up.

The economy is killing Hawaii, so I took a trip there with the wife.

Czar Obama has decreed that Las Vegas was bad, so I had to help them out.

The new house market has dried up so I bought one of those.

Panasonic is having trouble so I bought a 50 inch T.V.

Sony is loosing money so I am going to get a PlayStation 3... Gotta have BluRay for the 50 inch...

Yamaha seems to be running out of money, so I am buying a RX-V565 home theater receiver. Gotta have the 1080p up-scaling.

I have yet to determine if the speaker companies need my money.

Pottery Barn is doing very well, but the wife likes their stuff, so I bought a coffee table and a media stand for my 50 inch T.V.

Cisco systems is in the crapper, so I bought 802.11N routers for my sister, brother, and myself. I also picked up a N adapter from Cisco for the PS3. I want to go native N in my new house.

Dell seems to have hit rough times, so I bought a new Studio XPS 435. I made sure it had an Intel processor, because of the huge fine that the EU slapped them with. RAM companies are having a hard time of it too, so I put 12 Gigabytes in there.

Whirlpool is not selling enough appliances, so I am buying a new washer and drier for my new house.

I have not yet decided who is in need of my money for a refrigerator for the new house, but rest assured I will do my part to take care of them too.

I would buy a car, but the car companies that need help are getting my money at the point of a gun, so I figure that is good enough for them.
So... I am just about done. Somebody else start buying sutff or expect a major slump in the economy in June. I got nothing left to give.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You Suck Omaha!!

First, I am not a Hal Daub fan. I don't think I would hand the guy a glass of water if he were on fire. He is a smarmy, slimy, passive aggressive jerk. He has difficulty taking a joke, or any type of criticism.

Side story:
Hal Daub was mayor of Omaha, and had just arranged to buy two old helicopters for OPD to use. The problem was that he used his entire budget to buy the helicopters. He had nothing left over for operation. So the city of Omaha had two helicopters that sat in their hanger at the North Omaha airport for a year.
I was involved with a girl who was the stage manager for Shakespeare On The Green, a free Shakespeare festival held in Omaha's Elmwood Park every year. This girl and I were at the kick off party and who happened to show up when the T.V. cameras came on?? Hal Freaking Daub! What a surprise! Hal pressed the flesh and said hi to everyone. When it came my turn to shake the Mayor's hand, I asked him when the helicopters were going to get some gas. He was not amused.
Soon after that I was approached by a man in a suit who I immediately recognized as one of Hal's bodyguards.
He told me that the Mayor would like me to leave the party.
My girlfriend was not very pleased at having to leave the party, so, needless to say, I did not have a pleasant evening. I will forever hate Hal Daub for that.

Anyway Hal was up for Mayor against Jim Suttle, a man with very little experience in government (not that it matters) and absolutely NO ideas when it came to the problems that Omaha faces.

A recent debate went a lot like this:
As mayor what do you plan to do to combat the city's growing gang problem?
Daub: Expand the gang unit, and expand the city's after school and summer programs to involve young kids in positive activities.

Suttle: I would want to listen and make plans then.

As mayor what do you plan to do to bring in businesses?
Daub: When I was mayor, I opened up Omaha as a center of international business. This has been neglected in the past 8 years, and I plan to regrow interest in Omaha from my contacts in foreign and out of state companies.

Suttle: I would want to listen and make plans then.

You get the point. If you used the debates and interviews of Jim Suttle as a man interviewing for a job, I would not have let Suttle mow my lawn, let alone run one of the largest cities in the Mid-West. The choice was clear, even for a guy who would rather vote for Stalin as mayor than Hal Daub. Yet Omaha chose to go the other way.
So I say, you suck Omaha!! I don't know you anymore. You made my move from your limits that much easier.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Agree With Oprah??

Oprah and I are like peas and carrots. Seriously.

In a commencement address Oprah told the students that it is great to be rich, to have a big house, and to have a private jet.

Hell to the yeah!! And when you have a LearJet Global Express XRS, you certainly know how to kick the fires and light the tires!

In this jet you have a range of 5000 nautical miles at .8 mach, or about 530 mph at altitudes above FL (Flight Level) 250. Or if you just wanted to fly across the U.S. you could do it at .85 mach. Awesome.

There are faster jets out there, the fastest in common production being Cessna's Citation X. It cruses at .92 mach, but does not give you as much useful load, or the range. The Citation X can only fly about 3000nm on economy.

I am not so ambitious. I just want something light and fast... Like a Cessna Citation Mustang:

Or the sexist thing in the VLJ category, the Cirrus Jet:

Monday, May 11, 2009

An Armed Society...

I got "busted" on Friday... A friend who reads this blog did not allow me (at first) to enter the business he is a manager of because I may have had my gun with me. But did I have it on me?

He had no evidence other than I had my murse with me. He asked if I was armed, assumed I did, then said that I could not come in. I did not come in. Instead I talked to him from the door until he allowed me entry.

Did I have it on me? Was I playing along? The world may never know. The silly fact is that when someone is carrying a concealed weapon, you don't know if they are carrying a weapon... It is concealed. That is the beauty of concealed carry. Everybody may be armed, or nobody may be armed. You just don't know.

The guy in the grocery story who just took the last jar of mayonnaise, get in his face and threaten him? Might have a piece on him, better just ask the clerk if they have any more in the back.
Somebody just door dinged me, get out my tire iron and smash his window? Might have a heater, I think I will just get his insurance information.
I think I will carjack that guy in the kick ass Volvo, wait a second, he might have a gun, I think I will just take the bus today.

This is not only what we can speculate about, this is what the facts uphold is true after a state institutes a concealed carry law.

Oh... and I was carrying in my murse... I was also carrying the last time that I was at his business. Don't assume that just because I don't have the murse on me that my .45 isn't far away. Better to assume that everyone you meet is armed and treat them accordingly.