Thursday, June 28, 2007

Clear Silat

This site is awesome!!!

Make sure you watch the 5 attackers with bats! Clasic!


As many of you go out to see the new Michael Moore film "Sicko" extol the benefits of socialized medicine remember this:
  • Toronto ER patients received care in 4 hours on the average, one in 10 waits more than 12 hours.
  • Often patents must be transported to different hospitals for exams not available in that hospital.
  • In 2003 13,000 people died of simple dehydration in France.
  • Private clinics in Canada are opening at a rate of one per week.
  • In Sweden the government will contract 80% of Stockholm's primary care and a full 40% of total health services to private health clinics.
  • In the United Kingdom, the Labour Party advocates privatization of the health system as the way to improve health care.

Socialism just does not work as well as the free market. When was the last time you had a pleasant experience in a government office?

Carter Williams Tests Hot for Cocaine

What the heck?? Carter Williams is a coke head? What is the deal with fighters and Coke? First Melvin and now Cater?

Don't do drugs!! They are bad for you and bad for the sport.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

John Kerry - I Hate Free Speech!!

John Kerry came out in support of resurrecting "The Fairness Doctrine."
What is "The Fairness Doctrine"? It is a FCC regulation that states that any political view given on the media, must have equal time with the opposite view point. Essentially, it means that if a talk radio station has a Conservative talk show that runs for three hours, it must also run a liberal talk show for three hours, regardless of ratings, cost, or format of station.

What will this do? It will essentially shut down talk radio. In the very competitive free market that is public radio, every moment of air time is needed to generate the funds necessary to keep the station afloat. These stations air conservative talk radio programs, because they have large audiences, generate large advertising revenues, and make the station money. Liberal shows, for the most part, have failed to gain the rating necessary to compete in the marketplace. Thus forcing stations to air liberal shows would not generate the money needed to keep the show on the air. Yet if the station was forced to air the underperforming show, it would more than likely drop both shows in favor of something that could be better sold... such as country music.

The Fairness Doctrine is little more than a ploy to limit the free speech of Americans, under the untruthful guise of "Fairness." This is yet another example of how the Socialists control the speech of their political opponents.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007

UFC 72 6/16/2007

My parents in law are in town, so I will not be at the UFC, but this is definitely one you don't want to pay for. Go to the nearest bar with out a cover and watch the fights!!!

I don't have much time, so I give you the card and who I think will win.


Dustin Hazelett Vs. Stevie Lynch
Established UFC fighter vs the local boy... Dustin by KO first round.

Scott Smith Vs. Ed Herman
TUF vs TUF... Ed by armbar second round.

Eddie Sanchez Vs. Colin Robinson
Eddie gets pay back for getting fed to CroCop. Eddie KO first round.

Jason Tan Vs. Marcus Davis
Local boy vs "The Irish Hand grenade"... Marcus by RNC first round.

Clay Guida Vs. Tyson Griffin
Very good fight, this one is worth the PPV. Clay is a cardio machine, but Tyson has knocked out Bang Ludwig... Clay by G&P KO third round.

Rory Singer Vs. Jason MacDonald
Both lost their last fights in the UFC. Jason is going to win this one, despite Rory working out with ATT. Jason by RNC second round.

Hector Ramirez Vs. Forrest Griffin
Ramirez lost to James Irvin last time out. Forrest lost to Keith Jardine. Both lost by KO. Yawn. Forrest by KO first round.

Rich Franklin Vs. Yushin Okami
Interesting fight... Rich by decision.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

UFC Fight Night 10 Recap

Nate Mohr def Luke Caudillo Decision
My Pick: Nate by decision
I start off well... I have never liked Luke's style, and the loss comes as no surprise here.

Anthony Johnson def Chad Reiner KO (Punches) 0:13 rnd 1
My Pick: Chad by decision
Chad did exactly what he should have not done, and got KOed. This might be the last time we see him in the UFC...

Gleison Tibau def Jeff Cox Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) 1:52 rnd 1
My Pick: Gleison by RNC first round
Big night for Gleison.

Tamden McCrory def Pete Spratt Submission (Triangle Choke) 2:04 rnd 2
My Pick: Pete by KO, first round
In the bottom of my heart, I knew Pete would not win this one. Pete is just too one dimensional to win in the UFC. I want him to win, because he is such a nice guy and fun to watch, but with out the ground skill, he just won't be able to make the jump.

Forrest Petz def Luigi Fioravanti Decision
My Pick: Luigi by RNC second round.
Forrest looked great and took it to Luigi. Very impressive win.

Thiago Tavares def Jason Black Submission (Triangle Choke) 2:49 rnd 2
My Pick: I say Jason by KO third round
Thiago put on a BJJ in MMA clinic for Jason Black, ending it in the slickest triangle since Lister/Sakara. Thiago is someone to watch!!

Andrew McFedries def Jordan Radev KO (Punch) 0:33 rnd 1
My Pick: Drew by KO second round.
Wow. I thought that Jordan was dead.

Jon Fitch def Roan Carneiro Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 1:07 rnd 2
My Pick: I go with Fitch by KO second round
Roan was clearly winning the fight, beating Jon from pillar to post, then Jon caught him with a big punch and Roan simply gave up. Roan did not fight the choke or try to escape back mount, he just gave Jon the choke so he could go home. Good work, Jon!!

Spencer Fisher def Sam Stout Decision
My Pick: Spence by KO first round
Spence did what he needed to do and beat Sam all over the ring, though it did appear that Spence was on the receiving end of lots of punishment. Sam certainly can dish out the pain. Spencer seems to have trouble landing the big one lately, as well as having trouble closing the show. He had Sam nearly out several times, but did not press the action to end the fight. It was the same in the Franca fight. Hopefully that was due to fatigue and we will see the knock out artist return!

I go 5 of 9.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fighters Make Weigth for UFC Fight Night

Sam Stout (155.5) vs Spencer Fisher(154)

Roan Carneiro  (170.5) vs Jon Fitch  (170.5)

Jordan Radev (184.5) vs Andrew McFedries (185)

Jason Black  (155.5) vs Thiago Tavares  (156)

Forrest Petz  (169.5) vs Luigi Fioravanti  (170.5)

Tamden McCrory (169.5) vs Pete Spratt  (170.5)

Jeff Cox (155) vs Gleison Tibau  (155.5)

Anthony Johnson (170) vs Chad Reiner (171)

Luke Caudillo (156) vs Nate Mohr  (155.5)

UFC Fight Night 6-12-2007

The UFC showcases its lighter weight classes with no heavy or light heavy weight matches. Short descriptions...  sorry.

Card and Picks:

Luke Caudillo Vs. Nate Mohr (Lightweight)

Luke is a former VFC fighter, who did OK there, he most recently fought at the Ring of Fire event in Denver, beating Denis Davis by split decision. He fights out of MFS North Platte, and has a record of 15 - 8. This is his first fight in the UFC.

Nate Mohr lost to a nasty, nasty Kurt Pellegreno ankle lock in his UFC debut. He fights out of Cedar Falls, IA, and has a record of 8-4.

This is kind of an inter school fight as both guys fight out of loosely associated MFS schools. Luke obviously has the experience, but Nate has that first UFC fight out of the way, not a small advantage. I never cared much for Luke, his style has not impressed me, and he always seemed to be just a bit better than his opponent. Luke is not very skilled on the ground getting tapped out 6 out of his 8 losses (twice by Alonzo Martinez). Both guys are G&P specialists, and I have to say that Nate wins this one. Nate by decision.

Anthony Johnson Vs. Chad Reiner (Welterweight)

Anthony is 3-0 and fights out of Chute Boxe - CA. This is his first fight in the UFC.

Chad trains with me. He lost his last fight to Josh Burkman by decision, but made an excellent showing for himself. He is 18-3.

Chad has the experience. He has had his first fight in the UFC already. Anthony will be jittery, but he is no slouch. He is known for strong kickboxing and decent ground work, he beat a Gracie-Barra - CA fighter by split decision in his last fight. This will be a back and forth battle, with both guys taking damage, but I think that Chad's conditioning will prove to be the deciding factor. Chad by decision

Jeff Cox Vs. Gleison Tibau (Lightweight)

Jeff Cox fights out of the Strong Style Fight Team, and has some bigger show experience. He fought in a few Cage Warriors events in England. His record is 9-3. This is his first UFC fight.

Gleision is an ATT fighter who has not found any luck in the UFC, loosing first to Nate Diaz by KO then by decision to Jason Dent. His overall record is 9-4.

Gleison is from the better team, has the experience in the big shows, has fought the better opposition, and has the coolest name. Gleison by RNC first round.

Tamdan McCrory Vs. Pete Spratt (Welterweight)

Tamdan is fresh off of a RNC win over Nuri Shakir in Cage Furry. Most of his 7 wins are by KO. He has no losses. This is his first fight in the UFC.

Pete Spratt... Anyone who fights Pete Spratt always schedules a dentist appointment for the day after the fight... because win loose or draw, you are going to need someone to put your teeth back in your head. Pete is a kickboxer with not much ground ability. He lost his last fight to Marcus Davis by ankle lock. His record over all is 15-10.

From his record, Tamdan looks like a guy who will stand with Pete Spratt... but then again why would you want to stand with Pete Spratt? Spratt will knock you FLAT!! I still think that Tamdan will try to make a name for himself by standing with Pete, and be nearly killed in the process. Pete by KO, first round!!!!

Forrest Petz Vs. Luigi Fioravanti (Welterweight)

Wow the Strong Style Fight Team is in the house!! Forrest lost his last two fights in the UFC, one by decision to Kuniyoshi Hironaka and one by RNC to Marcus Davis. His overall record is 15-4.

Luigi is an ATT fighter who lost his last fight to Jon Fitch by RNC. His overall record is 11-2

Forrest has trouble with BJJ stylists, Luigi fights out of one of the best BJJ/MMA camps in the world... You do the math. Luigi by RNC second round.

Jason Black Vs. Thiago Tavares (Lightweight)

Jason Black is a MFS fighter who was acquired by the UFC after they purchased PRIDE. His last fight there he lost by triangle to Shinya Aoki. Since then he beat Sam Jackson by choke at a small Extreme Challenge event that Monte Cox seems to put on just for MFS fighters. His record is 24-2-1. This is his first fight in the UFC.

Thiago is an ATT fighter, who won his last UFC fight by decision over Naoyuki Kotani. His overall record is 7-0, all but two of his wins are by some form of choke.

Jason is very experienced. He really has only lost one fight, he suffered a freak elbow break in his fight against Shone Carter and had to quit, but he was definitely not loosing at the time. Both guys come from great camps, and both are well rounded on their feet and on the ground, the edge going to Jason, he has more stand up experience. I say Jason by KO third round.

Jordan Radev Vs. Drew McFedries (Middleweight)

Jordan is 9-1, fighting out of Holland. Isn't that weird? This is his first fight in the UFC.

Drew is a MFS fighter who lost his last fight due to arm triangle choke (super seeker if you speak Dizona) by Martin Kampmann. He is 10-2, winning by KO.

Jordan does not look like he has fought anybody like Drew, and I think that Drew will out physical Jordan. Drew by KO second round.

Roan Carneiro Vs. Jon Fitch (Welterweight)

Roan fights out of BTT, and won his last fight, his first in the UFC, with a decision over Rich Clementi. He is 11-5

Jon won his last fight over Luigi Fioravanti by RNC. He fights out of AKA and is 14-2.

Roan seems to have trouble with heavy strikers. Jon can strike with the best of them... I go with Fitch by KO second round.

Sam Stout Vs. Spencer Fisher (Lightweight)

Sam lost to Kenny Florian by RNC the last time he was in the UFC, and has since went on to win two in his native Canada. Sam is a heavy striker, and ok on the ground. He is 12-2-1

Spence lost his last fight by KO to Hermes Franca. You really can't blame him, everybody is loosing to Hermes lately. Spencer is very good standing up and very good on the ground. He is 19-3.

The first time these guys fought Spence had about 2 days notice and had fought about a week before, at a higher weight class. Sam won a decision, but not this time. Spence by KO first round.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Always Check Your Winds Aloft Forcast...

Winds at Louisville, CO were 147 MPH at 2000 AGL on Wednesday. Granted the surface winds were high enough to keep all sane pilots on the ground but it just goes to show you that no matter what the wind is doing on the ground, winds aloft can kill you just as quick.

Wind Story

Winds Aloft Forecast

Best Idea Since the Electric Light Bulb

Wireless power.


Think of the possibilities. This kind of idea is certain to make billions of dollars, and revolutionize how homes and business are powered. Now that the proof of concept is built, other people will focus on this and improve on this concept until we could be walking around with power beamed to us from anywhere... Utility companies will have to figure out a new way to bill us...

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pipper Archer - Cross Winds Are Fun

I just got checked out in a Pipper Cherokee Archer:

It is a step up from the Cessna 172s I have been flying in both size and in horsepower. The Cessnas have about 100HP, and the Archer has 180HP. The Cessna cruses at about 100 knots and the Archer at about 120 knots or better.

Overall I found that the airplanes are very similar, each edging the other out in certain areas. The Cessna has a high wing so you don't have to worry about an electric fuel pump, the Archer is a low wing, so it is much more stable on the ground. Right now I give the Archer the edge, because it is faster, and it is still new to me.

The first day of the check ride was an interesting day weather wise. We had VFR conditions, with showers running north east and south west of the airport. I had never flown in the rain, so the instructor thought that after 15 years of having a pilot's license, it was high time I got a little wet. So in the rain we went.

I was nervous at first, but I soon found that I had nothing to be worried about. There was only a slight change in performance as I crossed the rain barier, due to the change in tepurature of the wet ground... That was it. I still had my 3 miles visability, and my cloud clearnce. No muss no fuss.

I handled my steep turns, slow flight, and stalls like a pro. The Archer stalls very subtally and is difficult to keep in a stall. Not like the Cessna that will ocationally stall violently dipping the right wing as it falls out of the sky. Lots of fun.

The place that rents the airplane had a very long check out list, and the two hours that I had reserved was not enough time to finish it, so back I came today to practice landings, and go over short field takeoffs and soft field landings... even though they do not want you to ever land on a soft field... Whatever.

Today was a windy day, with the runway running 30 to 12, and the wind from 270 at 11 knots gusting to 18 knots. Almost a direct crosswind. This was one of the strongest crosswinds I have ever flown in, so it was really good practice.

I did much better than I thought I would. The last time I flew the Cessna I had about a 4 knot crosswind, so I think that practice helped. I messed up the first one, forgetting to line up my nose with the runway, but the next 3 I really nailed. I held my wind correction right on the ground, I stayed centered on the runway and I was conrolled the airplane very well once I was on the ground. I think I need to work on my breaking though. I tend to hit the break when I am trying to turn the nose gear. In the Archer, the nose gear actually turns, so it is important to not hit the break while turning. All in all I did well, and I look forward to solo flight.