Wednesday, June 27, 2007

John Kerry - I Hate Free Speech!!

John Kerry came out in support of resurrecting "The Fairness Doctrine."
What is "The Fairness Doctrine"? It is a FCC regulation that states that any political view given on the media, must have equal time with the opposite view point. Essentially, it means that if a talk radio station has a Conservative talk show that runs for three hours, it must also run a liberal talk show for three hours, regardless of ratings, cost, or format of station.

What will this do? It will essentially shut down talk radio. In the very competitive free market that is public radio, every moment of air time is needed to generate the funds necessary to keep the station afloat. These stations air conservative talk radio programs, because they have large audiences, generate large advertising revenues, and make the station money. Liberal shows, for the most part, have failed to gain the rating necessary to compete in the marketplace. Thus forcing stations to air liberal shows would not generate the money needed to keep the show on the air. Yet if the station was forced to air the underperforming show, it would more than likely drop both shows in favor of something that could be better sold... such as country music.

The Fairness Doctrine is little more than a ploy to limit the free speech of Americans, under the untruthful guise of "Fairness." This is yet another example of how the Socialists control the speech of their political opponents.

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