Friday, June 15, 2007

UFC 72 6/16/2007

My parents in law are in town, so I will not be at the UFC, but this is definitely one you don't want to pay for. Go to the nearest bar with out a cover and watch the fights!!!

I don't have much time, so I give you the card and who I think will win.


Dustin Hazelett Vs. Stevie Lynch
Established UFC fighter vs the local boy... Dustin by KO first round.

Scott Smith Vs. Ed Herman
TUF vs TUF... Ed by armbar second round.

Eddie Sanchez Vs. Colin Robinson
Eddie gets pay back for getting fed to CroCop. Eddie KO first round.

Jason Tan Vs. Marcus Davis
Local boy vs "The Irish Hand grenade"... Marcus by RNC first round.

Clay Guida Vs. Tyson Griffin
Very good fight, this one is worth the PPV. Clay is a cardio machine, but Tyson has knocked out Bang Ludwig... Clay by G&P KO third round.

Rory Singer Vs. Jason MacDonald
Both lost their last fights in the UFC. Jason is going to win this one, despite Rory working out with ATT. Jason by RNC second round.

Hector Ramirez Vs. Forrest Griffin
Ramirez lost to James Irvin last time out. Forrest lost to Keith Jardine. Both lost by KO. Yawn. Forrest by KO first round.

Rich Franklin Vs. Yushin Okami
Interesting fight... Rich by decision.

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