Thursday, June 28, 2007


As many of you go out to see the new Michael Moore film "Sicko" extol the benefits of socialized medicine remember this:
  • Toronto ER patients received care in 4 hours on the average, one in 10 waits more than 12 hours.
  • Often patents must be transported to different hospitals for exams not available in that hospital.
  • In 2003 13,000 people died of simple dehydration in France.
  • Private clinics in Canada are opening at a rate of one per week.
  • In Sweden the government will contract 80% of Stockholm's primary care and a full 40% of total health services to private health clinics.
  • In the United Kingdom, the Labour Party advocates privatization of the health system as the way to improve health care.

Socialism just does not work as well as the free market. When was the last time you had a pleasant experience in a government office?

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