Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finding a New City - Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque is a city in the South West... If you didn't know that, they smack you with that fact over and over and over again with their Architecture.  EVERYTHING seem to be made of Adobe, or made to look like adobe, even the airport terminal. I bent a piece of paper at a right angle just so I could feel normal by seeing an actual corner. Because in Albuquerque, every corner is rounded.

The view there was hazy because of some fires going on to the north, but other than that, the city vaguely reminded me of Las Vegas.   Albuquerque has some mountains to the west, and a wide expanse of desert to...  well... everywhere else.
There is very little grass.  Mostly there was rocks and this kind of sagebrush that grew everywhere.  It was different in that... well, everything was the same color.  There isn't really a showing of the many colors of nature, just the one, brown.

There is some work in the city, but not a lot.  It is very unlikely that I would find work that would pay me the same that I am making now, therefore I would have to travel.
The cost of living in ABQ is about 10% higher than in OKC.  The biggest differences being in Housing and Health.
With both income and sales tax, New Mexico is virtually identical with Oklahoma, the latter being just a bit lighter in the tax burden department.

There is a single general aviation airport in town, with a couple of places to fly out of.  There is one place that teaches helicopters, and that might be fun to do.

There are a bunch of places to train in Albuquerque.  So that won't be much of a problem.  Gracie Barra has a large presence in ABQ, with three schools.  Greg Jackson is also in ABQ, and, through Ryan Jensen, I do have a connection there.

New Mexico is a shall-issue state, so getting a CCW license shouldn't be a problem.

An interesting part of ABQ was that there are several breweries.  Both in the city and in the surrounding areas. Near the University there is a very neat little area with several bars, and a neat place that is both a tap house and a brew pub.  Their brews were alright, but if they didn't brew something that you liked, they had several others on tap that you surely would.  Neat place.

I was not overly impressed with ABQ.  I really don't think that I would enjoy living there...  Although, there are some ski resorts nearby, and ABQ does offer quite a few outdoor activities, though golf is in short supply...  much like grass...

What Happens When You Pull The Tiger's Tail??


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Self Defense Rounds

I have been teaching some people basic firearms safety and shooting to some people lately, and the subject of tactical and self defense shooting always comes up. I don't ever talk about tactics of self defense shooting beyond the basic draw, conceal positions, and the Weaver stance. There are much more qualified instructors for that.

I do talk about self defense rounds, because it is necessary to know the different types of ammo and their uses. The question is always asked, what self defense rounds do you use? Well... I have shot a lot of different rounds, and I found the ones that I like best.

All of the self defense ammunition for my handguns are hollow point rounds. Hollow points are used for self defense because they open up when they strike their target.   Opening up, means that there is more surface area to interact with the target.  This causes the bullet to tumble and they transfer all of their energy in to their target. This also means that the bullet will tend not to pass through the target, and endanger anyone behind the target.  For a fun demonstration the guys at ADSI have a video of them shooting a melon with a Full Metal Jacket round and then a melon with a hollow point round.

First, I will go over the ones that I have shot. I have to stress that the choice of self defense ammo is a personal one. You send a bunch of rounds down range and use the ones that you like best. All of the rounds that I shot have very similar ballistic statistics. I like the ones I shoot for a few reasons that I will state later on.

Cor-Bon Pow'R'Ball

I started using Cor-Bon's Pow'R'Ball  when I had my Kahr CW45.  Hollow point ammunition usually has an edge on it where the nose is cut off and the cavity begins.  If your pistol is picky about ammunition, like my Kahr was, this is a good choice.  The gelatin tip kept the round nose of a FMJ bullet, but it would disintegrate on impact leaving a standard hollow point bullet.
This ammo is 165 grains in weight behind a +P load of powder.
Velocity at 50 yards is 1024 feet per second.

Hornady Zombie Max

I admit that I fell for the hype of the Z-Max.  They are virtually identical in every way to the less expensive Hornady XTP round.  They ARE the XTP with a green tip in the cavity and a cooler box.  I liked the way these shot, but they are very expensive out of the box.  There is no real benefit to the Z-Max round, other than you can tell your friends that you carry anti-zombie rounds.
This ammo is 185 grains in weight under a standard powder load.
Velocity is 853 fps at 50 yards.

Winchester PDX1 Defender
When this bullet first came out it was marketed under the "Black Talon" name.  The bullets were even jacketed in black metal.  What made them unique was that when the bullet opened the "petals" would be razor sharp to incur more tissue damage.  This was a bad move by Winchester.  The Liberals got a hold of this marketing and went nuts.  To much fanfare and noise, Winchester removed the Black Talons from the market. 
Soon after that mess they released the PDX1 Personal Protection round...  It looks, weighs, and acts EXACTLY like the Black Talon.  Why?  Because it is the Black Talon under a new name and a new metal jacket covering the lead.  


Black Talon

See the differences?  Nether can I.
This is a 230 grain bullet under a standard powder load.
Velocity at 50 yards is 882.

My Rounds
I carry the PDX1s.  I like the way they shoot.  They keep their speed really well for such a heavy round so that makes them very accurate.

Recoil is the worst on the Pow'R'Balls.  Throwing 165 grains at almost 1200 fps out of the muzzle really takes some punch.

What I like about PDX1s over the other rounds is that they are "bonded."  That means that the jacket is bonded to the lead core.  There is no fragmentation of the round, so everything is more consistent.  Does it make a difference?  Or do the petals give some sort of wound advantage?

You shoot to stop a threat, and the PDX1s will stop threats quicker than the other rounds.


Despite my love of handguns, they are NOT the best self defense weapons for your house.  That honor, in my opinion, belongs to the shotgun.  Close up, Shotguns are devastatingly effective.  Further back, not really going to hurt anyone much.  Exactly what you want in a defensive weapon in a home.
For a long time the 00 (pronounced "double ought") buckshot ruled the self defense market.  There was some interest in slugs, but the 00 gave the best chance of a hit.
Recently, shotgun ammunition manufacturers are reaching back in to the past for help to put a new take on an old idea.
What if you could combine the effectiveness of a shotgun slug with the hit potential of buckshot?  Our ancestors came up with the idea of "buck and ball" ammunition that did just that.  They put a standard musket ball and three or four buckshot down the barrels of their smooth bore muskets and increased their hit potential in close combat.  This method was so loved by Americans that George Washington himself would arrange his ranks so that those with Kentucky long rifles would be the "volley" shot ranks, and those with muskets loaded with buck and ball would form the rest.  Giving the poorly trained American troops better combat effectiveness when the armies closed to fight.  They didn't need to worry as much about accuracy as the British troops firing musket balls.
This load was well used past the time of the American Civil War; up until specific cartridges of breech loading firearms took over as the weapons of choice for the military.

With such firearms as the hand held .410 Taurus Judge coming on the scene there was a new demand for self defense shotgun rounds in something other than 00 buck.  Winchester took a look at the problem, reached back in to history and brought buck and ball back to the future.  They didn't forget about the most popular gauge of shotgun, and released their PDX1 Defender buck and ball shells for 12 gauge soon after.
Here is a cut away of what it looks like:

You can see the buck on top of a rifled "ball".  It is all kinds of awesome.  This is the ultimate in self defense rounds, and it is what my shotguns are currently loaded with.

New CCW Gear!!

Clothing and other products for the normal CCW holder is becoming more and more popular, and more and more companies are offering products to help the CCW holder blend in to the crowd.  Here are some new products from a couple of different companies.

The company that seems to have made the biggest commitment to the CCW market is Scottevest.  They are very *wink wink, nudge nudge* about it, but they have created a line of clothing that is devoted to multiple concealed pockets.  Their marketing is focused on travel and technology.  Hide your iPad.  We have pockets for your sunglasses.  Our vests are like a second carry on luggage bag!  Look at our jacket with 20 pockets.  ETC.  However, they have embraced the fact that the CCW community loves their stuff for hiding handguns, and magazines.  They have a page devoted to the tactical user, and their pockets are designed to carry heavy loads, such as a full size steel frame pistol...
I have to admit that they have some very cool jackets and pants.  Lots of pockets and lots of good reviews from top gun magazines.  Be sure to check them out!
I really like their lightweight vests.  I think they were specifically designed to mess with flight attendants.  Smartphone pockets and hidden earphone channels make it very difficult to see if your electronic device is in the full OFF position for take off and landing.  Not that anybody cares...

I like using an off body CCW method.  My man bag is outstanding.  Sometimes you need more space, when you want to carry your laptop for instance.  It would look silly to have a laptop bag, and a man purse...  So you try to find a place for your gun to go in to the laptop bag.  Kind of a tough fit, because you want your pistol to be in a secure spot so that it can be drawn easily.  If the bag's pockets are too large the pistol flops around and you have no idea where the grip is when it comes time to draw.

I don't like using a laptop bag anyway, they are bulky and the sling system sucks.  Only when I am wearing my suit do I use a laptop bag.  I much prefer to carry my laptop in a backpack.  This presents a whole new set of problems when carrying a weapon in your pack.  Your pockets are exposed to anyone behind you, and anyone with a light touch can open your bag up and take what ever they want.
When it comes time to draw your gun, you have to take the pack off, open the pocket then draw.  A lot of movement and trouble.

Our buddies at 5.11 Tactical have come up with a solution to all of the backpack questions.  AND they did it in such a way so that you don't look like you have a military style bag on your back that looks so very out of place in an urban environment.

The new COVRT series backpacks have been specifically engineered to solve all of the problems of carrying a weapon in a back pack.  On top of that, 5.11 did a little video explaining all of the features of their product.  If you ask me, ALL backpack manufactures need to be doing this.  I have straps and snaps on my bags that seem to be there just to be there.  A video explaining the features would be VERY helpful.  Anyway, check out the new COVRT stuff!!

Woolrich has been selling men's clothing for nearly 100 years.  They recently came out with the 44919 Elite Concealed Carry Chinos.  A pant that has a special pocket for your pistol.  The waist band of the pant also has special elastic parts so that it will form fit around a gun concealed with an Inside the Waistband holster.  A good idea!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finding a New City - Dallas

Just three short hours south of Dubmfuckville is Dallas, Texas. Dallas is known for big hair, crappy football teams, and traffic. The wife and I have been to Dallas several times during our tenure at the University of Dumbfuck, and we honestly like the city. They have the Rangers baseball team, who play all of the teams that have Japanese players, and the wife likes that. They have all of the shopping that you could want, and the wife likes that. They have a HUGE airport with direct flights to nearly everywhere, including Japan, and we both like that. There is a lot to do, lots of excellent restaurants, and some of the best sushi you can find outside of Japan.

Taxes in Texas is why George H. W. Bush lives in Maine, but "resides" in Texas. There is no personal income tax in Texas!! This is offset by a state sales tax. However Texas has in interesting loop hole. If you have ever resided in Texas, and you move away, as long as you maintain your "official" address in Texas, you can claim Texas citizenship and not have to pay state income taxes in your new state. So, like the Bushes, you can keep a P.O. box in Dallas and not pay Maine income taxes. Nice!
Texas makes up for its lack of income tax by drilling property owners with high property taxes. We will not be buying while in Dallas, so we can avoid that mess, but if we choose to reside in Dallas, that is a definite consideration.
Cost of living in Dallas is 12% higher than in OKC, the major difference being in utility costs. Longer hotter summers mean you pay more in electrical bills.

Lots of airports and lots of aviation in Texas and in the Dallas area makes for lots of opportunities to get out and fly. The down side is that Texas is mostly flat desert, so there isn't much to see...

The year long nice weather and very mild winters brought the Brazilians to Texas, and they set up many places to train BJJ. Better for me is that my instructor in Oklahoma has many friends in the Dallas area, and I have already found a nice place to train. They have many Brazilian Black Belts on staff, and many different times to train. That is a big plus for me.

There is a TON of work in the Dallas area. All the big companies have a presence in Dallas, and I even talked to several Microsoft recruiters about moving to the area. I have every confidence that I can find work for as much or more than I currently earn.

Gun laws are a bit more restrictive in Texas, but it still is one of the most open Shall Issue states in the nation.

Dallas checks all of my boxes, except... Well, like Dubmfuckville, they are over the top Christians. It's everywhere, and it sucks. I hate that the question after what is your name is what church do you go to. I hate having grocery clerks tell me to have a blessed day with Christ. I hate having to scan through 15 Christian music channels on the radio. It sucks... Small things but they grate on my nerves...

Still, out of the places I have seen so far, Dallas is the top choice.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Finding a New City - Baltimore

Next up is Baltimore. This is a city that my youngest sister lived in for a number of years, and enjoyed immensely. My impressions of Baltimore come from the HBO show "The Wire," so I was hoping that the city looked better than what that show depicted... I was sorely disappointed. Driving though the city I was struck with the feeling I was starting in to the sixth layer of hell. The entire place seems to be rundown and falling apart. Nothing looks nice, even the bar district was crap. The food in the bar district on the other hand was awesome.

Right after landing in Baltimore, you learn who is calling the shots in the city. Normally in airports all across the country, there are shuttle buses from the various car rental companies that pick you up curbside and take you to the rental facility. Not in Baltimore. There is only one bus to take all of the rental people to a central rental garage. When I asked the bus driver, much to the chagrin of my wife, about why only one bus, and no many shuttle buses from the individual companies, the driver responded that the bus driver union made it so that the rental companies couldn't have their own buses. Only a union bus driver driving an airport bus, serviced by union workers in a union garage can do the drop offs and pick ups... Ok, so the unions run the show.

Driving around in Baltimore reminds me of driving on the dirt roads back in rural Nebraska. Lots of potholes and loose gravel. The streets looked like an IED went off every few feet. Anyway...

The major industry in Baltimore is government contracting. My old company has a HUGE presence here, as well as all of the other players in the government contracting business. There is a bunch of SharePoint work in the government arena. Interestingly enough BOTH of the major contracts that I worked on at my previous company had their offices in the Baltimore area. I could easily go back to work for them.

Maryland is a may issue state. The permit is issued by the local police department, and, in Baltimore, that means that a permit will never be issued. Guns are strictly controlled in the city, ensuring that criminals are the only ones armed. Kind of explains all of the home invasions and car jackings that go on in the city.

Training is sparse in the city, a couple of schools are around the area that I would be living in. The one I would likely go to has three black belts, and the other schools are taught by brown and purple belts, so.... I don't know I will have to try them out. I wasn't able to train in Baltimore, because of time restrictions.

Again, aviation is very tough to come by. Being so close to Washington D.C. in the post 9-11 world did in many of the small airports, and killed the local flight scene. However there are opportunities to learn how to fly sea-planes and helicopters.

The cost of living in the craphole that is Baltimore is very high, about 30% higher than in Oklahoma City. Taxes are high, and unions rule the roost, so services are poor.

All in all, this place is near the very bottom of places I would want to live. If the wife doesn't get the job here, I don't see myself EVER coming back to this place.

Finding a New City - Pittsburgh

Next on the hit parade is Pittsburgh. Descending in to Pittsburgh, I was immediately surprised with the beauty of the area. Tall hills and lots of trees. Not as appealing as North Carolina, but with the Steel City stereotype running through my head, I was surprised to find anything but rundown buildings and old factories.
The city itself is quite breathtaking. It sits at the convergence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, which form the Ohio River. Downtown is right where the rivers meet and the combination of the rivers and tall glass buildings is striking.
Walking around the downtown and Oakland areas of the city, I got the impression that the city is on the edge of something big. There are the normal signs of decay, but much of the decay is surrounded by the recently built and newly renovated. The attitude of the people and business was very much, "Just wait a few years!" It was nice to be there.

Of late, large tech companies have been coming to Pittsburgh to take advantage of low taxes and inexpensive real estate. Interestingly enough, it is only about 3% more expensive in Pittsburgh than in Oklahoma City. Amazingly enough, taxes in Pittsburgh are CHEAPER than in Oklahoma City. The PA income tax is set at a flat rate of 3.07%. No deductions, no exceptions, no complications. Love it.

Though Pittsburgh is tech heavy, I have not seen a lot of SharePoint work in the area, however there is a ton of development work around the city. I might have to do some looking, but I think I could find a comparable position as a developer or solution architect.

Pennsylvania is a Shall Issue state, and Pittsburgh is much more gun friendly compared to its interstate rival Philadelphia. The cities are run by Democrats, but the rest of the state is as red as they come, so a good job is kept to keep the laws fair.

There is little aviation in the area. One major general aviation airport seems to be the spot to rent and fly. Not good...

There isn't a lot of BJJ around the area... Gracie Barra is in town, as well as a Renzo Gracie affiliate, but both schools are far away from the city center, where I would be living. There is one pure Muay Thai gym, but their times are later at night (8pm or later). Training might be difficult to find.

Over all not a bad place to live and work. The city was nice, and seemed to be ready to go to the next level. Three strong major professional sports teams can keep you busy rooting for a local team, and with Happy Valley not more than a few hours away, I could catch the Huskers.
Not my top choice, but not an awful place to live.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finding a New City - Chicago

Wife got done with her interview with Loyola University outside of Chicago, IL. This is an interesting fellowship in that there are no call nights. That means that it is a normal 9-5 job just like any other normal person. That means that we are not limited to a certain time frame around the hospital for living arrangements. This, of course, means that we would try to live in the "hip" part of Chicago, right downtown. This is awesome!!!

Living and working in downtown Chicago would be just a ton of fun. All of the cool stuff is there, the shops, the restaurants, the shows, the views, everything. However that is the only plus.

Chicago is right up there with the most corrupt cities on the planet, in perhaps the most corrupt state in the union. Let us not forget that the former Governor of Illinois is now in prison, and the mayor of Chicago is Rahm Emanuel...

The only CCW laws in IL actually ban the concealing of weapons, and handguns were, at one time banned from the city. This ban was, of course, struck down by the Supreme Court as a violation of the 2nd Amendment, but that didn't stop Chicago from disarming its law abiding citizens. I like to work within the law, and I would be very concerned with bringing my guns to the city... I have a growing collection, and I very much doubt I could keep any of them in the house without breaking some law or another. Let alone taking them somewhere to shoot them.
Crime in the city is bad, very bad. Sure, some areas are worse than others, but violent street crime, even on the famed "Miracle Mile" is common place.

In the city proper, there is a bunch of really good places to train. Lots of black belts, lots of excellent schools. Carlos Gracie and Renzo Gracie all have schools here. It was where Stephen Bonner, and Andre Arlofski got their BJJ training. That is a big plus.

Work is easy to find with lots of jobs in the IT sector. If I wanted to remain a consultant, there are plenty of contract opportunities. Microsoft actually interviewed me for a position in the Chicago area, offering to fly me in and out every week. Big Plus Plus.
Taxes in IL are nuts. They are only higher in New York. This drives up an already overblown cost of living. It is almost 50% more expensive to live in Chicago than in Oklahoma City. Sure OKC is one of the cheapest places, and Chicago is one of the most expensive places to live, but wow... Really IL?

Aviation is tough to come by. It is very expensive, and you are dealing with the second busiest airspace in the world. If I wanted to fly, I would have to drive a good distance outside of the city to do it. Huge Huge minus.

Chicago is a major hub city. You can get a direct flight from Chicago to virtually anywhere in the world. It is something that can only be drempt about in other places. Want to fly to Japan? Boom. Want to fly to Houston? Boom. Want to fly to Omaha? Boom. Easy. Very cool, especially for two people who like to travel like the wife and I.

All in all, I don't think that I would mind living in Chicago, but I would have to give up a lot of the freedoms that I enjoy virtually everywhere else. I think that it would be OK for three years, but that would be enough.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finding a New City - New Haven, CT

Just flew out of New Haven, CT to visit Yale University. After the visit, I am starting to see how the socialist mindset is formed and reinforced. You see the socialist believes himself to be better than his fellows, therefore needs to create a state controlled economy and make all of the decisions for the lesser classes. This is because he sees the lesser classes as being completely unable to take care of themselves. After seeing New Haven, it is VERY difficult to come away without this mind set. It is a city of STRIKING haves and have nots. Perhaps I have seen this type of disparity in Mexico City, or some other third world shithole, but I never thought to see it in the United States.

There are two New Havens, one is dirt poor, pan handling, and completely reliant on the Government. The other is fabulously wealthy, where $80K a year tuition bills and $100K cars are common place. The two New Havens butt up against one another, one with their hand out, and the other turning up their nose at all those around them.

Yale is a very pretty campus, however many of the older buildings are falling in to disrepair. I expected the grounds to be better kept than they were, the grass was not very well taken care of. Downtown New Haven, next to Yale, is quite nice. Many good places to eat, nice bars, friendly staff.
The rest of New Haven is a complete shithole. Rundown, smelly, and violent. It is interesting to note that for weekend entertainment, the wealthy do not stay in New Haven, instead they go to New York a 90 minute train ride away.

Sailing is a very popular hobby, along with golf. There are many exclusive super duper nice courses around. I very much doubt I could afford the initiation fee, let alone the monthly expenses... Assuming I would even be accepted by the membership. BUT the Country Club lifestyle is very much a part of the New Haven culture. It is likely that we would have to join one or another simply to be accepted in to the circle of people that my wife would be working with.

Aviation was non existent with only one airport in the area, and not a lot of general aviation flying out of that. Kind of depressing.
I did find a place to train, and they were very nice, BUT I didn't actually get to go to a class. Work and other things got in the way. I did talk to them on the phone several times, and I was impressed with the way they conducted themselves there.

Work is very hard to come by in the New Haven area. Most people take the 90 minute train it to New York, or drive somewhere else at least 40 minutes away to work. I was surprised at the lack of business in New Haven. It seems to be simply a sleeper community for New York. That was the impression I got anyway.

Gun laws are restrictive and CT is a "May Issue" state, requiring a CCW applicant to go to their local police department to apply for a permit. You must get a local permit before you can get a state permit. Depending on how your locals feel about CCW, it could be impossible to very easy to get your actual license. New Haven, wanting to have only its criminals armed, is one of those local places where it is next to impossible to get a CCW permit issued.

All in all, I never want to come back to New Haven again... It is at the very bottom of my list.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Finding a New City - Chapel Hill & Durham

My wife is nearly done with her residency, and she has decided that she wants to do Urogynocology and Pelvic Reconstruction Surgery. This requires an additional three years of fellowship, so on the road we both go again to find a fellowship job. Right now she has 13 interviews scheduled, with more possibly on the way. I say that because as programs invite doctors to interview, some doctors will decline. The programs want to be sure to fill all of their interview slots, so they will send out invitations to their second and third choices.

We have been in the Raleigh area of North Carolina this week, and I have to say it is one of the prettier places around. The metro area, called the "Triangle" by the locals (Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham), seems to have been cut from a forest. There are trees EVERYWHERE. I don't know what that will do for my tree allergy, but I have been fine so far.

I am trying to think of some criteria that can objectively use to rate the various cities, but I don't think it is going to come to that... It is going to be a "feel" kind of thing so... I don't know... we will see.

Economically, the area is booming. There is a TON of work in my field in this area. New jobs posted everyday, with lots and lots of recruiters inquiring if I will be moving to the area. In fact, one of the people I met at a BJJ class here was an IT recruiter and wanted a look at my resume when I said what I did. They already have sent me a LinkedIn connection request... Over aggressive? Maybe, or it could just be that the area is looking for talent.

Cost of living in the area is 2% higher than in OK, so that isn't much of a change. I think I could find a job that pays about the same as I am making now.

North Carolina is a Shall Issue state, so CCW shouldn't be a problem. There does seem to be a shortage of general aviation though...

I was able to go to one BJJ class, and I wasn't really impressed. The majority of the good places seem to be in Raleigh some 20 or more miles away.

All in all I was impressed with the town. Very pretty.

Communist Countries and Their Activists

The news world is all a twitter about Chen Guangcheng. In a "Mission Impossible" style rescue, the US got Chen out of his house arrest and brought him to the US Embassy in Beijing. No other details are readily available about the escape other than it was very Mission Impossible. This congers up images of Peter Graves kicking Tom Cruse's ass and smuggling Chen out disguised as a dead body while every cassette tape in the world self-destructs in 5 seconds...

Chen Guangcheng... He kind of looks like Bruce Lee with those sunglasses...

Anyway they get Chen to the Embasy, and the Chinese say, "Ok, crazy Americans!! You got us good! Give us back the guy. We promise not to hurt him or his family."
US responds: "We knew we could get you!!! hahahahahahahaha!!! Ok, if you say he won't be hurt here you go!" and we hand Chen back to the Communists.

NOW, Chen is reportedly saying that the Chinese have already tied his wife to a chair and beat her, and they are unwilling to allow him any freedom of movement in the country. WHAT??? Are you kidding Chen???? A communist country going back on its word to treat you nicely? You have got to be shitting me!!!! I don't believe it. How could a party that killed 47 MILLION of its own people, under the President's slogan of "Forward" by the way, go back on its word???? If you can't trust them, who can you trust??

Chen is going to be fine. With all of the international attention this little stunt brought, the Chinese will leave him alone. His family is fucked, though. So are his cousins, his neighbors, even his cats, all fucked. An example must be made, and you better believe that if the Communists know one thing, it is how to make an example out of someone.