Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finding a New City - Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque is a city in the South West... If you didn't know that, they smack you with that fact over and over and over again with their Architecture.  EVERYTHING seem to be made of Adobe, or made to look like adobe, even the airport terminal. I bent a piece of paper at a right angle just so I could feel normal by seeing an actual corner. Because in Albuquerque, every corner is rounded.

The view there was hazy because of some fires going on to the north, but other than that, the city vaguely reminded me of Las Vegas.   Albuquerque has some mountains to the west, and a wide expanse of desert to...  well... everywhere else.
There is very little grass.  Mostly there was rocks and this kind of sagebrush that grew everywhere.  It was different in that... well, everything was the same color.  There isn't really a showing of the many colors of nature, just the one, brown.

There is some work in the city, but not a lot.  It is very unlikely that I would find work that would pay me the same that I am making now, therefore I would have to travel.
The cost of living in ABQ is about 10% higher than in OKC.  The biggest differences being in Housing and Health.
With both income and sales tax, New Mexico is virtually identical with Oklahoma, the latter being just a bit lighter in the tax burden department.

There is a single general aviation airport in town, with a couple of places to fly out of.  There is one place that teaches helicopters, and that might be fun to do.

There are a bunch of places to train in Albuquerque.  So that won't be much of a problem.  Gracie Barra has a large presence in ABQ, with three schools.  Greg Jackson is also in ABQ, and, through Ryan Jensen, I do have a connection there.

New Mexico is a shall-issue state, so getting a CCW license shouldn't be a problem.

An interesting part of ABQ was that there are several breweries.  Both in the city and in the surrounding areas. Near the University there is a very neat little area with several bars, and a neat place that is both a tap house and a brew pub.  Their brews were alright, but if they didn't brew something that you liked, they had several others on tap that you surely would.  Neat place.

I was not overly impressed with ABQ.  I really don't think that I would enjoy living there...  Although, there are some ski resorts nearby, and ABQ does offer quite a few outdoor activities, though golf is in short supply...  much like grass...

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