Monday, June 4, 2012

Last Ditch Triangle Escape

Ever roll against someone who has a really really good triangle choke?  I mean a really good triangle choke.  Always finishes, always seems to catch everybody, it is his go to move.  You attempt posture to avoid the move, and that works for a while, but when he grabs the triangle, you really have no escape.  I have a couple of guys at my gym who are unstoppable with their triangle chokes.  I have tried just about everything I can to escape, but nothing seems to work.  When they lock the choke, it breaks my posture, and I have no way to straighten back up.

The traditional escapes require you to have posture.  If your posture is already broken, you can not use them.
So, what can you do in this situation.  The following escape is a last ditch type escape, it restores your posture, and puts you in a position to break the triangle's hold.  It is a neat gimmick.
I say gimmick, because it should never become your go to triangle escape.  It is a last resort, holly crap escape.

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