Monday, June 25, 2012

Finding a New City - Ann Arbor, MI

Nestled in between Flint and Detroit is Ann Arbor.  I very nice little city to look at...  in the summer.  In the winter ice and snow are the order of the day.  More so than what I am used to in OKC.  Not attractive.

The University of Michigan is the major employer in town, with the rest of the city, basically supporting the University.  The town is notoriously liberal, with one of the nicknames being  The People's Republic of Ann Arbor.  Not good...

Work is difficult to come by in Ann Arbor.  It is unlikely that I would be able to find a job in the city that would pay me the same as I make now.  Which is bad news, because the cost of living is about 20% more expensive than in OKC.  Simply finding a job will be difficult, and I believe that I would either have to focus on systems administration, or go straight developer if I wanted work in the city at all.  Or, I could travel...
Taxes are actually attractive in MI, with a flat tax of about 4%.  State sales tax does add 6% to each purchase.

There are places to train in Ann Arbor, with a Ribero affiliate in town as well as a Royler Gracie black belt.

There isn't a lot of aviation around, but there seems to be a good place to rent at the local airport.  Good rates on Cessna 172s.  They have a Diamond DA20 to rent as well...  That should be fun.

There are some craft brewery places around town, so I think I will be able to find a beer.

Michigan is a shall issue state, so CCW shouldn't be an issue.

All in all...  The work thing really worries me.  It is more expensive to live around Ann Arbor, and I need a job.  They just aren't there.  I will have to keep working from home, or try something else.  Booooo...  A big plus is that the Huskers will be coming up to play Michigan at least once while we are there, AND Lansing with Michigan State is only a hour away.  I could see my Huskers play a couple of times while I am living there.  Something I have missed living in OKC.  I only saw the Huskers play once at OSU.

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