Monday, June 25, 2012

Finding a New City - San Diego, CA

San Diego...  Wow.  San Diego was a TON of fun.  Lots to do with the many beaches, pro sports, and more craft breweries than you can shake a stick at.
Just as an example of the kind of fun you can get in to in San Diego, the wife and I spent a Saturday lounging on the beach, then heading out to get a beer in a well known brew pub, heard that the Padres were playing the Mariners, walked 3 blocks and BAM we were watching a MLB game.  It was awesome!  
The weather is actually cooler than I thought it would be.  San Diego's water is actually cold.  I tried to go swimming in the ocean, but I got out after just a little while.  It was too chilly.  
The ambient temperature was only in the low 70s as well.  Looking at the almanac, the average high in San Diego never strays above 77 degrees, but the average low never gets below 49 either.  Nice nice nice!!

There is work in the San Diego area, finding a job shouldn't be an issue, BUT the cost of living is 65% more expensive in SD than it is in OKC.  Ouch!
Taxes in CA are not as bad as I initially thought.  The Tax Foundation says that tax rates average at about 8.13%, with OK being 8.66%.  We would actually come out paying less in taxes.  BUT housing costs are about 245% more expensive in San Diego.  
Gasoline in CA is consistently about a dollar more expensive than in OK, really taking a bite out of the discretionary spending account.

There are lots of places that rent aircraft in the San Diego area, BUT the area is VERY busy with two major Navy airports and one very busy commercial airport.  Not really the wide open non controlled airports that I am used to.  Costs are high too, about $135 an hour for a Cessna 172.

Tons of places to train in San Diego.  Dean Lister has a school there, the Ribero brothers have their main school there, you can't throw a dead cat and not hit a BJJ black belt.  It would be awesome to train and learn around this area.

CCW...  An impossibility in San Diego.  California is a "may-issue" state, and the ultimate decider is your local county Sheriff.  The Sheriffs in San Diego are vocal opponents to ANY citizen even owning a firearm, let alone carrying one.  CCW is something I would have to give up if I wanted to live in San Diego.  Uber sucks.  I very much dislike the thought of being unarmed for three years.

All in all San Diego would be a great place to live for three years.  Then it would be time to get the hell out of there.  The people are just this side of crazy, and, after three years, we would want to own property.  Property is VERY expensive there, and it just isn't worth it.

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