Monday, June 11, 2012

Finding a New City - Washington D.C.

Washington...  yup Washington...  I hate just about everything there is about Washington the city.  No federal representation, excessive taxation, impossibly high living expenses, god awful traffic, made worse by the various motorcades that go running around the city, horrific gun laws, rampant crime, and people that have a stick so far up their ass their breath smells like Pine Fresh.

What boxes does it check?  Dogfishhead has a brew pub in the city, and you can get lots of fresh beer...  There is a TON of work.  I would have to go back to working for the Government, but there is so much work there I could name my salary.  Two airports within an hour from each other can fly you to anywhere in the country, or the world.

Overall yuck yuck yuck.  I could live anywhere for three years, but I think that living in Washington might cause me to go insane.

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