Thursday, May 3, 2012

Communist Countries and Their Activists

The news world is all a twitter about Chen Guangcheng. In a "Mission Impossible" style rescue, the US got Chen out of his house arrest and brought him to the US Embassy in Beijing. No other details are readily available about the escape other than it was very Mission Impossible. This congers up images of Peter Graves kicking Tom Cruse's ass and smuggling Chen out disguised as a dead body while every cassette tape in the world self-destructs in 5 seconds...

Chen Guangcheng... He kind of looks like Bruce Lee with those sunglasses...

Anyway they get Chen to the Embasy, and the Chinese say, "Ok, crazy Americans!! You got us good! Give us back the guy. We promise not to hurt him or his family."
US responds: "We knew we could get you!!! hahahahahahahaha!!! Ok, if you say he won't be hurt here you go!" and we hand Chen back to the Communists.

NOW, Chen is reportedly saying that the Chinese have already tied his wife to a chair and beat her, and they are unwilling to allow him any freedom of movement in the country. WHAT??? Are you kidding Chen???? A communist country going back on its word to treat you nicely? You have got to be shitting me!!!! I don't believe it. How could a party that killed 47 MILLION of its own people, under the President's slogan of "Forward" by the way, go back on its word???? If you can't trust them, who can you trust??

Chen is going to be fine. With all of the international attention this little stunt brought, the Chinese will leave him alone. His family is fucked, though. So are his cousins, his neighbors, even his cats, all fucked. An example must be made, and you better believe that if the Communists know one thing, it is how to make an example out of someone.

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